Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman come out swinging for legalization

The cannabis industry has joined forces with celebrity stoners Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman for a compelling series of videos urging Congress to legalize cannabis.

“Legalizing cannabis is long past due, and if we make enough noise, we can make it happen,” says Rogen, co-founder of Houseplant and star of beloved stoner movies like Pineapple Express, in the kickoff video.

‘Cannabis in Common’

The initiative, called Cannabis in Common, emphasizes that unlike seemingly every other issue facing Americans, attitudes toward cannabis legalization aren’t divided along party lines.

“Americans can’t agree on anything can we?” says Sarah Silverman in the animated video she narrates. “Fortunately there is at least one thing most Americans have in common: more than two-thirds of us agree cannabis should be legalized and we have a real shot at getting federal legalization done now if we speak up.”

Who is the US Cannabis Council?

The Cannabis in Common campaign is backed by the US Cannabis Council, an advocacy group with more than 20 member companies involved in legal cannabis such as Aurora, Pax, Wana, MedMen and ScottsMiracle Gro. CEO Steven Hawkins declined to share how much the campaign cost.

Drug Policy Alliance ducks out

The campaign isn’t directed at any specific legislation, but it does signal a first unified effort for the competitive North American cannabis industry. While some advocacy groups have also signed on to support the campaign, the Drug Policy Alliance said they chose not to participate.

“For us, it’s not just about getting federal legalization over the finish line,” says Maritza Perez of the alliance, which convened the nonprofit-focused Marijuana Justice Coalition in 2018 to push for legalization coupled with other reforms. “We have a very specific constituency that we are fighting for, and that’s people who have been impacted by prohibition.” 

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