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Cannabis, COVID and a very high flyer

ALWAYS A CANNA-ANGLE Can cannabis prevent COVID-19? Peer-reviewed research published in the Journal of Natural Products has identified three cannabis compounds that can effectively block SARS-COV-2 from entering healthy human…

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A look ahead to cannabis regulations in 2022

BofC Live is a podcast from Business of Cannabis. Delivering cannabis news and exploring the companies, brands, people, and trends driving the cannabis industry. Today, we connect with Lucas McCann of CannDelta. CannDelta is the Official Regulatory Advisory of Business…


How budtenders can drive consumer behavior

Casey Hiltemann of the Budtenders Association joined BofC Live to discuss the critical role budtenders play in helping cannabis consumers understand cannabis brands. Learn more about the Budtenders Association. BofC Live is the daily news and interview program of Business…


How New York legalization impacts the sector

This cannabis podcast was recorded live in New York in December 2021. Matt Karnes, is the founder at Greenwave Advisors, a cannabis centric advisors firm. The firm’s service offerings include independent research and analysis, due diligence, license valuations/applications and other advisory…


How to measure cannabis consumers’ experiences

Israel Gasperin and Jay McMillan from Zentrela join the program to discuss their unique approach to cannabis consumer research. Using AI technology and Zentrela’s neurotechnology platform, the company utilizes proven tests to objectively quantify cannabis psychoactive effects. We discuss their approach…




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