Skunk in the Trunk Edition

Perhaps the biggest news of the week was a bell weather financial reporting statement from Canopy Growth. Canopy reported their quarterly financials last week. Most seem underwhelmed.

As if to blunt the blow, Bruce Linton gave a deep interview with Bloomberg Business Week. To which, Chuck Rifici had some thoughts about the story, and the “t” in Tweed.

Bruce Linton also spoke at ideacity in Toronto last week. We have some thoughts about the cannabis track speakers.

Last week was also the World Cannabis Congress in Saint John, New Brunswick. Shoppers Drug Mart made the most notable news as they look to add more transparency to the cannabis products they offer patients.

We have some reflections on the World Cannabis Congress as well.

Lots happening in DC last week – and perhaps in the future too. Given the Democratic House of Representatives where much of the conversation is happening, we shall see where the progress lands with the Senate. That said, the House voted to stop the fed from intervening in States that have gone legal.

If Legalization 1.0 in Canada was October 17, 2018 and Legalization 2.0 will be in December 2019, Health Canada is already planning for Legalization 3.0 – where CBD will/may be treated as a Natural Health Product. They are seeking public input now.

New Jersey pushed ahead (unsuccessfully) with legalization recently. Now, NY didn’t go all in, but did go some of the way toward decriminalization.

For our more religious readers, the NY Times published a piece: The Christian Case for Marijuana. Amen to that…

Oh Edmonton Police, you have taken the cake on public safety messaging. Your Laugh for this week…


Is there a glut of unsold cannabis out there? Could there be? This has dominated cannabis-insiders’ conversation this weekend. First a story from BMO predicting a glut shortly… and the OCS allowing retailers to order unlimited quantities of other products (that apparently few people want…)

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