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The (cannabis) Times They Are A-Changin’

As Bob Dylan sang, the times – they are a-changin’ 

Last week felt like many, many things shifted in the cannabis world. From the NBA to the UN to the EU to the US – there were important shifts on all fronts. A cannabis-positive way to end the year.

That’s not all…

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Read on…

Government bodies all of the world are coming to their cannabis senses – things are a-changin’…

The United States House of Representatives passed the MORE Act this week, paving the way for a swift defeat in the US Senate – at least until the Democrats take over the Senate in January. (Previous statement = very hopeful statement.) NBC

The European Commission had a big week too, voting that CBD is (now) not a narcotic. Hemp Business Daily

The UN also now agrees that cannabis isn’t as dangerous as real dangerous drugs. CNN, MJ Business Daily

And it isn’t just governments…

The NBA will not be testing players for cannabis use in the upcoming season. CBS Sports

And it is December and this is cannabis, which usually means the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for MJ Biz Con, but not this year.

That said, the good folks at Marijuana Business Daily did hold their virtual MJ Biz Con last week and they drew the CEO of Whole Foods for the event keynote. A good read and an important talk. Forbes

Those that follow the goings-on in Canadian cannabis very closely may recall an outbreak of Legionnaires in Moncton. Now, it is confirmed that the outbreak stemmed from Organigram’s cooling towers. CBC

For the people that believe cannabis beverages will never be a ‘thing’ – take a read through LA Magazine. LA Magazine

Closer to home…

Fire & Flower’s acquisition of The Friendly Stranger closed. Newswire

UP Cannabis (now a HEXO brand) is relaunching as a THC 20%+ brand. Newswire

To acknowledge the new brand, check out the mea culpa ad series:


Finally, your moment of Zen.

The RCMP bragging about this drug bust – and the Twitter comments that ensued.

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