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A superbad breakup – Seth Rogen and Canopy parting ways

After three years, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Houseplant brand and Canopy are “mutually” terminating their partnership, which brought the Houseplant flower and drinks to the Canadian market in 2019, reports Benzinga.

Disappointing nugs

Houseplant Grapefruit is well-liked (and it’s delicious!) by Canada’s small drinks market, but the flower — which is completely different from what launched earlier this year in LA County — has been …well… less successful.

“The recent launch of Houseplant in the United States has given us a clear benchmark for what Houseplant stands for, and how we plan to bring the brand to life globally,” said Michael Mohr, co-founder and CEO of Houseplant. “We believe the time is right for us to focus on Houseplant independently.”

Shifting strategies

At one time, it seemed like celebrity-endorsed weed was Canopy’s major strategy through partnerships with Rogen, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. But Canadian regulations have made it difficult for LPs to take advantage of celebrity stoners. 

Rade Kovacevic, president and chief product officer at Canopy Growth, wished the Houseplant team all the best as they focus on the brands and products they wholly own (like their forthcoming Ace Valley mini-prerolls).

Houseplant relaunch to come

While it’s not clear who will be trusted to produce their products, Houseplant plans to relaunch north of the border with the same genetics that have been well-received by the California market.

“Canada is where it all started — for us as people, and for the brand,” said Seth Rogen. “This is not an exit from the Canadian market, but a chance for us to evolve the brand.”

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