Why Houseplant Canada ≠ Houseplant USA

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Rogen brings his talents to California 

Seth Rogen, Canada’s most famous stoner, and long-time collaborator Evan Goldberg are launching their cannabis brand Houseplant in the US. “We are finally ready to launch in America,” Rogen said in a video on Twitter.

Why should you care?

Canadians are already familiar with the Canopy brand, which launched in 2019 with riffs on mid-century modern design. But nearly everything else sounds distinct from the Canadian version, making its earlier launch in Canada look kind of like a test run. 

Are there differences between Canadian and US Houseplants? 

In short, yes. Rogen can actually promote the product to the US market, something that’s not allowed under Canada’s Cannabis Act. The packaging is tin instead of plastic. And, importantly, the cannabis on offer isn’t the same: Houseplant Canada’s sativa is Chemdog and Houseplant’s US sativa is called Pancake Ice. Also important to note, Rogen said on Twitter. “It’s over 33% THC.”

Canadians, avert your eyes

Because it’s (kind of) a crossborder brand, here’s an unwieldy disclaimer instructing Canadians to ignore the US website… “Notice to Canada residents. This site is intended for and directed to users and customers in the United States of America. If you are in Canada, please visit us at www.houseplant.ca.”

What’s next?

Next week, shoppers can buy House Goods from anywhere in the US, and Californians can actually buy the 3 strains on Houseplant.com.

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