Comparing legal and illicit cannabis purchases right now

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The CCSI was assessed at C$4.97 per gram this week, down 0.8% from last week’s C$5.01 per gram. This week’s price equates to US$1,771 per pound at the current exchange rate.

Each week, Business of Cannabis delivers a series of insights from our partners at Cannabis Benchmarks®.

This week we examine household expenditure data issued quarterly by Statistics Canada. To start, Cannabis Benchmarks looks at the rise of the legal recreational cannabis market across Canada. As seen in the chart above, in Q3 2021 the estimated household expenditure for legal recreational cannabis was nearly 70% greater than that spent in the illicit market.

More Canadians are choosing to purchase cannabis through regulated legal channels as awareness and accessibility continue to evolve. Also fueling that trend is the drop in prices, as new supplies from legal indoor and outdoor cultivation operations became available and make products from licensed businesses more price competitive with those of illegal sellers.

Source: Canada Cannabis Spot IndexCannabis Benchmarks

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