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That time a Prime Minister’s cannabis use was met with a shrug

You can be forgiven if you think last week seemed 10 years long.

Recall that it was just last week we learned the significance of paying $750 in taxes and how we now long for boring political debates. But as the week continued, it was the pandemic’s impact on US politics that dominated last week – and on into the weekend too. 

So, if you missed some cannabis news – we’ve got you covered. Including a great piece from our new publication – Weekly Chronicle. Our Editor-in-Chief Jameson Berkow takes a look at China and cannabis in his piece: The Path to Peace with China is Paved with Pot. READ

There is more than politics happening too. 

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Now, have a good week.

Read on:

We’ll start with the cannabis sector challenges:

The hits from Aurora keep on coming. This time, a deep look at executive compensation as the company racked up massive losses. MJ Biz Daily 

Not to be left out, activist investor Nelson Peltz is no longer an advisor to Aurora. When the going gets tough… BNN 

We are learning more about the unfortunate demise of Lift & Co. Including to whom the now-bankrupt company owes money.

To some good news:

In New Zealand, where a legalization measure is on the ballot this month. It turns out the world’s coolest Prime Minister – Jacinda Ardern – used cannabis. Collective shrub ensued. NY Times 

The on-again, off-again privatization of Cannabis NB is getting more and more challenging to predict. That’s because Cannabis NB in on the cusp of profitability. Global News

Manitoba is also selling lots and lots of cannabis. Winnipeg Sun

The Ontario Cannabis Store also dove deep into their sales this week – including the fact that (it believes) it is beating the illicit market on pricing. OCS, MJ Business Daily

In the US, the next COVID relief package from the House of Representatives includes cannabis banking measures. That doesn’t mean it will become law, but… MJ Business Daily

In Canada, a cannabis-focused company found themselves as #3 on The Globe & Mail’s Top Growing Companies. Congratulations to the team at Vitalis. The Globe & Mail 

If you thought medical cannabis and Utah would never be mentioned in the same sentence, think again. Medical cannabis patients in Utah are surpassing projections. MJ Biz Daily

In neighbouring Colorado, the Governor there signed pardons for low level offenders of possession charges. The Hill

Canada’s student-athletes need not worry about toking anymore, they won’t be tested for cannabis use. Drug & Alcohol Testing Association of Canada

Finally, because we are the midst of a pandemic, the most powerful man in the world is skeptical of democracy, etc., etc. – parents are stressed out. Between the economy, school, politics and any number of other stress-inducing factors – parents are turning to cannabis. NY Times

Stay safe and have a good week.

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