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CBD Brands British Cannabis & Tier One CBD To Donate Products To Key Workers In Ukraine

Two companies in the UK CBD and wellness industry team up to drive from the UK to Kyiv, distributing CBD and adaptogenic supplements to the personnel of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), charities and media teams working on the ground in Ukraine.

BRITISH CANNABIS® and Tier One CBD® are undertaking a mission to show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of NGO and support workers in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The two companies have decided to take a unique approach to supporting the aid workers who support Ukraine, by driving from the UK to Kyiv, where they aim to hand out free CBD and adaptogenic supplements to NGOs, their personnel and media teams as a token of their appreciation.

The campaign, “Taking Care of the Carers,” aims to show gratitude to the individuals who devote their lives to helping others, both over the past year in the Ukraine and as far back as the COVID pandemic. 

NGO workers in Kyiv have been working tirelessly to provide aid and assistance to those in need, including refugee rehoming, primary medical care, mental health and psychosocial support and donating packages of food, clothing and educational materials. This campaign’s purpose is to in turn give back to those heroes, helping to support their overall wellbeing.

The companies will drive from the UK to Kyiv in Spring 2023, to meet and distribute to key workers, a variant of health supplements designed to help manage stress, anxiety, aid sleep and promote overall wellbeing, which is especially vital in these unprecedented times.

“We are honoured to be partnering with Tier One CBD® to embark on this mission to show gratitude to NGO workers in Kyiv,” commented BRITISH CANNABIS Marketing Director, Steve Batchelor. 

“The work being done in Ukraine every day, both by local and international charities, NGOs and humanitarian organisations is valued by everyone here in the UK. With our focus on taking care of those carers, we hope that our CBD and adaptogen supplement contribution can help manage what must be daily struggles that most people, including myself, can only imagine”.

NGOs working in Ukraine play a critical role in advocating for marginalised communities and pushing for positive social change in the face of challenging circumstances. The work of these organisations is often demanding, with workers facing high levels of stress and pressure as they address pressing issues such as corruption, human rights violations, and humanitarian crises.

Staffing and funding shortages often mean that workers have to put in long hours and work in difficult conditions. To further complicate matters, the political climate in Ukraine can be unpredictable, with shifting regulations and laws affecting the work of NGOs. Nonetheless, these organisations remain steadfast in their commitment to social justice and continue to serve as beacons of hope for those in need.

The companies plan to document their journey and share it with their chosen media partners, using the hashtag #TakingCareOfTheCarers or #careforcarers. By doing so, they hope to raise awareness about the vital work of NGOs and inspire others to show their appreciation for the individuals who work tirelessly to make a difference in the world.

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