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Hempura: CBD Products Pioneers Join the BRITISH CANNABIS™ Family

Hempura, a leading CBD brand, has recently been acquired by new parent company, BRITISH CANNABIS™. This exciting partnership solidifies Hempura’s position as a CBD frontrunner and marks a significant milestone in their six year journey.

With BRITISH CANNABIS™ now serving as the exclusive distributor and marketing team for Hempura, the expertise and resources of these industry trailblazers combined, make them well-positioned to achieve even greater success in the CBD market.

Let’s dive deeper into the story behind Hempura’s rise and its newfound synergy within the BRITISH CANNABIS™ family of brands.

Establishing Hempura as a Frontrunner:

From 2017, Hempura quickly made a name for itself as a manufacturer of premium CBD products. From the outset, their commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction set them apart from competitors. Their range of CBD formats offered consumers consistent potency, purity, and effectiveness. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of CBD users, Hempura gained a loyal customer base; today the brand proudly holds over 700 4 and 5 Star reviews on Trustpilot.


The purchase of Hempura by BRITISH CANNABIS™ (already the manufacturer of award-winning Hempura) has now seen the creation of a larger distribution and marketing team for the brand. This collaboration amplifies the strengths of both companies, allowing them to leverage their expertise and resources in product development, testing, compliance, mar. By joining the BRITISH CANNABIS™ family of brands, Hempura benefits from a network of reputable and like-minded companies dedicated to advancing the industry.

Taking Hempura Forward

Marketing Director for BRITISH CANNABIS™, Steve Batchelor, commented on the partnership: “We look for a bold new future where Hempura products build on their loyal customer following, becoming more widely distributed through third-party retail and e-commerce channels. The premium quality set by Hempura, while under-pinned by BRITISH CANNABIS™ manufacturing standards, makes it ideal for health and wellness departments of many retailers, whilst standing apart from a crowded cannabinoid product space. Their product differentiation, with sports and flavoured variants in addition to high quality Original CBD oils, the iconic gold-leaf and green branding and Hempura’s great track record of looking after their customer base are the things I’m excited about taking forward the most.”

A Unified Marketing Approach:

BRITISH CANNABIS’s expanded role as the marketing team for Hempura brings extensive combined knowledge of the CBD industry and expertise in marketing strategies, elevating Hempura’s brand visibility and reach new audiences. They will implement targeted marketing campaigns, leveraging various channels such as digital advertising, social media, influencer partnerships, and more, to recruit new generations of shoppers to the brand.

The Future of Hempura within BRITISH CANNABIS™:

Hempura founder, Lewis Hadaway celebrated the news:  “I am pleased that Hempura will now be in the capable and experienced hands of BRITISH CANNABIS. Passing on the reins of our company to such industry leaders is an incredibly proud moment. I have complete trust in their expertise and vision to continue Hempura’s legacy of delivering the highest quality  products and service to our valued customers. Together, I am confident that we will witness incredible growth and success in the  industry. I am excited for this new chapter and all the possibilities it holds.”


The purchase of Hempura by BRITISH CANNABIS™ looks set to propel Hempura to new heights of success. As a frontrunner in the consumer CBD product market, Hempura’s collaboration with the exclusive distributor and marketing team, BRITISH CANNABIS™, is set to further enhance the quality and accessibility of Hempura’s CBD offerings.

About Hempura

Founded in 2017, Hempura has quickly grown to become one of the best-known and leading CBD oil brands within the UK CBD industry.

With the founding of the company focused on providing high-quality, safe and highly effective hemp-derived CBD oils and other CBD products, we are appreciative to have built a loyal customer base that trust us in our mission to help people through natural, organic alternatives.

For more information about Hempura and premium, authentic, UK-made CBD products, visit their website at https://hempura.shop/, or to enquire about reselling Hempura in retail, give us a call on +44 203 9652 420.

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