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UK’s CBD Industry Poised for Takeoff: FSA Clears Skies for New Products

BRITISH CANNABIS™ Submits Article 4 Application for Non-Novel Status of a Cannabis Ingredient and Receives a Preliminary Green Light.

BRITISH CANNABIS™, the UK’s innovator in cannabis ingredient production, has submitted an Article 4 application, a strategic move set to reignite the industry.  This submission paves the way for businesses to place new CBD products on the UK market, after being restricted from doing so for nearly four years. The FSA guidance in 2020 stated “products launched after the February cut-off date are not allowed to be sold until full permission is granted.” This new development is now  signalling a major shift in market accessibility.

Confidence in the non-novel status of their product, which uses cannabis as its single ingredient, was reinforced following communications with the Food Standards Agency. The FSA stated that it is not novel as there is a history of consumption prior to 1997, and therefore an Article 4 would not be needed. Nevertheless, BRITISH CANNABIS™ has requested the FSA to officially ratify this opinion to make it legally binding, demonstrating their commitment to compliance and legal certainty.

Renowned for harnessing a traditional extraction technique, BRITISH CANNABIS™ stands out in the industry. Their method capitalises on a non-selective extraction process, designed to maintain the integrity of the entire spectrum of cannabis constituents. This results in a superior product that promises an array of benefits and meets the compliance requirements for THC content, adhering to the Home Office’s recent legislation plans to limit THC content in CBD products to 50 micrograms per serving, enhancing the company’s market readiness for the expected changes.

Verifying the ingredient as non-novel will provide a strong foundation for companies looking to purchase a primary ingredient to create CBD oils, capsules and gummies, innovate food and drink products, or collaborate with BRITISH CANNABIS™ to develop future CBD brands. It assures them of the ingredient’s authenticity, safety, and compliance with regulations. This ruling will also aid in building trust among consumers, who are becoming increasingly discerning about the origin and quality of the products they choose.

“We believe that our cold-pressed cannabis ingredient has the potential to revolutionise the CBD industry,” said David Ralson, Managing Director at British Cannabis. “Achieving non-novel status through the Article 4 application will open doors for collaborations and partnerships, encouraging innovative CBD brands to produce superior products backed by a secure and reliable ingredient.”

The submission of the Article 4 application represents a significant milestone in BRITISH CANNABIS™’s commitment to advancing the cannabis industry and shaping its future. The company remains dedicated to delivering exceptional cannabis ingredients at the highest quality standards.

To request a copy of the Non-Novel CBD products catalogue from BRITISH CANNABIS™, or discuss the needs of your brands and customers, please contact info@britishcannabis.org.

About BRITISH CANNABIS™: As a leading UK provider of high-quality cannabis ingredients, CBD supplement brands, and white label manufacturing services, the BRITISH CANNABIS™ mission is to deliver innovative, safe, and effective cannabis products that enhance well-being. With our cold-pressed, non-novel CBD products division, we are committed to utilising traditional extraction methods to preserve the full spectrum of beneficial compounds found in the cannabis plant.

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