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Cannabis industry growth potential for 2023


Cannabis industry growth potential for 2023

Business News Daily examines what the cannabis industry’s growth and expansion mean for entrepreneurs interested in the space, and explores some of the biggest business opportunities available.

The publication highlights that the cannabis industry seems poised to continue its breakneck growth as new markets open as cannabis legalization movements expand into new states.

It explores the value of the US cannabis industry, state voting on cannabis legalization, business opportunities in the cannabis industry, growth potential for cannabis businesses and getting started in the cannabis industry.


Washington Senate approves bill to protect job applicants who use cannabis from discrimination

Marijuana Moment reports that the Washington State Senate has passed a bill that would protect most job candidates from being discriminated against for using cannabis outside of the workplace.

According to the publication, the legislation notes that most drug tests detect only THC metabolites, which can remain in a person’s system for weeks after using cannabis.

However, Marijuana Moment highlights that the protection would apply only to pre-employment drug tests and workers could still be fired for a positive cannabis test that occurs after they’re hired.

Senator Derek Stanford (D) stated: “This will allow for more people to apply for jobs without having to worry that they’re going to be screened out in that hiring process. When people are using legal substances like cannabis away from work, we don’t think that should be a barrier to just applying for the job.”


Will mass layoffs help or hinder the struggling cannabis industry?

MJ Biz Daily asks, will widespread layoffs in the North American cannabis industry be an effective cost-cutting tool – or will they do more damage in an already challenging environment?

The publication reports that Jeffrey Pfeffer, a Stanford Graduate School of Business professor, thinks layoffs are a bad decision, suggesting that cannabis companies should instead consider alternatives such as salary reductions across the workforce or upgrading worker skills.

Pfeffer’s research found that tech layoffs, for example, typically fail to increase stock prices, boost productivity, improve market share and increase revenue.


Position your brand in front of a European cannabis industry audience

Cannabis Europa is returning on 2-3 May this year at the Barbican Centre in London, UK, and it will be the biggest and most ambitious event to date – delivering cutting-edge knowledge and networking opportunities, paramount to driving growth across the sector. We want you to be a part of it.

We will once again be holding a boutique industry exhibition, showcasing up to 50 leading businesses, providing an even stronger platform for networking and business development, enabling business growth in Europe and beyond.

If you are interested in exhibiting with us, request a media pack with exhibition floor plan and more information on exhibition booths available here.

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