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Map Shows Cannabis Contribution to States

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The US Census Bureau has published a new map that reveals how much cannabis has contributed to state revenue across the country.

Described as an experimental data product, the map features tax collections from September 2023 to June 30, 2023.

The Bureau has stated that it provides quarterly estimates of state and local government tax revenue at a national level and detailed tax revenue data for individual states.

Whilst the majority of states do not have excise sales tax on cannabis products, a total of 5 state’s had this tax make up more than 1% of its state revenue.

Out of 21 tax collecting and reporting states, Oregon was the leading state in Q2 of 2023, with cannabis making up 3.19% of total tax revenue. The state saw a total of $42,257 in cannabis sales with $1,322,648 in total tax revenue. However, the map highlights that this was a 7.95% decrease from the previous quarter.

Second to the mark is Michigan at a total of 2.16% seeing $63,580 in cannabis sales and $2,939,137 in total tax revenue. This was a generous 8.53% increase from the previous quarter.

Thirdly, Illinois saw 2.04%, followed by Alaska at 1.32% and Colorado at 1.21%. Alaska saw the biggest increase from last quarter at 18.35%.

The Bureau stated: “Non‐response of the tax by any state known to be collecting cannabis excise taxes that is unable to be substituted with administrative data is left blank and marked with an “NA” in the table indicating the data was not available. Because there is no imputation of missing data, data in this experimental data product should not be used to estimate the total cannabis sales tax collected for the U.S..”

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