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Congressional Research Service Says DEA ‘Likely to Reschedule’ Cannabis in New Report

US congressional researchers have stated that it ‘appears likely’ the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will reschedule cannabis.

In a new report published by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a public policy research institute that works exclusively for the United States Congress, the group discusses the potential of upcoming cannabis rescheduling in the wake of media reports signalling that the DEA would approve the action. 

The CRS focused on the continued schism between state and federal laws regarding cannabis regulation, but appeared to reaffirm a report from the Associated Press, and later statements by the Department of Justice, that rescheduling would go ahead.

“Due to its status as a Schedule I controlled substance, the CSA currently prohibits the manufacture, distribution, dispensation, and possession of marijuana except in federal government-approved research studies,” the report read.

“In April 2024, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) proposed to move marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III under the CSA.”

It went on to discuss the policy considerations for state and federal legislators, while discussing ‘several routes’ Congress could take to address them.

“Given the current marijuana law and policy gap between the federal government and most states, there are a number of issues that Congress may address. These topics include, but are not limited to, marijuana’s designation under the CSA, financial services for marijuana businesses, federal tax issues for these businesses, oversight of federal law enforcement and its role in enforcing federal marijuana laws, and states’ implementation of marijuana laws.”

“In addressing state-level legalization efforts, Congress could take several routes. It could take no action, in which case it appears likely DEA will move marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III. Congress could also enact marijuana legislation before or after DEA acts on rescheduling.”


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