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Wheat from chaff time?

In the Canadian landscape, we may be seeing the real-time separation of wheat from chaff with new products being rolled out (or not) and positive financial filings (or not). One thing is clear, Canada’s paper of record is dialing back their cannabis coverage.

And it isn’t just Canada. One of the big US retailers is having some trouble, while a slew of new, and more conservative states, look to bolster their cannabis programs in 2020. None of that is helping Joe Biden see the issue more clearly, however.

Read on…

Some of North America’s largest cannabis companies had big news weeks… 

Notably, Canopy (which is owned, in large part, but a beverage company) announced they are delaying their beverage roll out

Aphria revised its future outlook

Tilray replaced some top positions – COO and CFO…

Steep loses + US lawyers =  = Class action lawsuits against Canadian, publicly traded cannabis companies are making their way through the courts in the US. 

On the positive side: Organigram’s revenues “more than doubled” in Q1… and that wasn’t all, $OGI secured a supply agreement with Shoppers Drug Mart

Not to be left out, it appears (on cannabis Twitter) that MedMen may be filing for bankruptcy – if that’s even possible for a federally illegal enterprise. 

Smaller, but still newsworthy…

In the spotlight, but coming out of the Lift Expo, GTEC was in some social media hot water for their “once you go blk” tagline on their blkmrkt brand… That hot water led to this (ill-advised) statement from the company

The facility formerly known as AgMedica is up for action. Get your bids in for the Chatham, Ontario facility

The folks at Olli Brands had a big week, receiving their standard processing license by Health Canada. Which is good timing, because Olli Brands co-founder Sarah Gillin will be joining Leaf Forward and Business of Cannabis for this month’s Leaf Forward program in Toronto next week.

And it isn’t just plant-touching companies having troubles, it’s the Canadian paper of record too. The Globe + Mail’s premium cannabis subscription is now shut down and rolled into their regular business coverage. 

From the provincially-run cannabis retail file…

The list of companies that may take over retail in New Brunswick is taking shape. Add to the list Loblaws.

The Ontario Cannabis Store released edibles and vapes online this week, and sold out almost immediately. 

Speaking of retail, if you want to learn all about the next wave of retail in Ontario, you should join the team at Torkin Manes on February 4, 2020. See you there.

Business of Cannabis joined Megan McRae of Aphria and Mimi Lam from Superette on Breakfast Television this week to talk Cannabis 2.0.

And to the US…

New Hampshire has a new approach to legalizing cannabis.

Add to that list these surprising states: Missouri… Mississippi, yes Mississippi

Even still, Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Biden cannot seem to figure out his stance on cannabis

If you want to hear more from the US, listen to this week’s Minnesota Cannabis Conversations.

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