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Humboldt Legacy Project Aims to Preserve Legacy Cannabis Culture

The Humboldt Legacy Project has entered into a new partnership with HENDRX that aims to nurture, cultivate, and amplify the living history embedded in legacy genetic libraries.

The Humboldt Legacy Project itself was launched in a bid to preserve, authenticate, and empower “legacy” cannabis culture.

This new partnership will see the introduction of Humboldt Legacy Project Skunk #1 (HLPS1) – a direct descendant of David Watson’s original Skunk #1 lineage, which won the High Times Cup in Amsterdam in 1988.

The group stated: “The legacy of David Watson’s pioneering work lives on through a collaborative effort that began when Martel Yip selected and contributed this exceptional selection to the Humboldt Legacy Project in partnership with HENDRX.

“Our aim is to uncover pathways that not only safeguard the essence of cannabis culture but also ensure its preservation for generations to come. Through meticulous genetic sequencing, orchestrated by Medicinal Genomics, we have validated the authenticity of HLPS1 as a living relic.

“This process has yielded an invaluable trove of authenticity, further affirming the historical significance of this cultivar.

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“Beyond this, it has unveiled the existence of rare genetic variants that set HLPS1 apart as a unique gem within the diverse world of cannabis varieties. We have taken the step to timestamp HLPS1 in Canopy right, underscoring our commitment to accountability and data preservation.”

The Project – led by Humboldt Grace – says that the strategic collaboration serves as the foundation of the duo’s shared mission to ensure that cannabis genetics endure the test of time and the ever-evolving industry landscape.

Cultivating the strain will be MOCA Humboldt, which is dedicated to small-batch, soil-grown indoor cannabis.

“By cultivating the HLPS1 strain, collecting meticulous cultivation data, and facilitating public access to revered legacy genetics within the licensed market, MOCA Humboldt’s actions echo the power of collaboration and industry stewardship,” stated the Project.

“As the Humboldt Legacy Project and MOCA Humboldt unite, the cannabis industry witnesses a symphony where tradition harmonises with innovation. With each growth cycle, with every tenderly nurtured bud, the story of cannabis culture continues to evolve, grow, and resonate across generations.”

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