How long does it take to write legislation in the US Senate?

the us senate is still putting together cannabis legalization


Booker and Schumer’s legalization act is almost ready 

The Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA), sponsored by Sens. Booker, Wyden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, could be ready before the end of April, reports High Times.

The act

  • Decriminalize cannabis at federal level
  • Give states power to decide whether or not to legalize
  • Expunge records for nonviolent cannabis-related crime
  • Support programs for communities impacted by the war on drugs with tax revenue

“I don’t mean this to be fully in jest but there’s been a lot of conversation about doing it on 4/20,” Booker said at a press conference. “Aspirationally, I would love to see it done on 4/20 but I can’t speak to that, given all the things that are sort of backing up in the Senate.”

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Labatt shutters Canadian CBD drinks unit

More evidence that cannabis drinks are a tougher sell than many previously believed: Labatt Breweries has shut down Fluent Beverages, its Canadian CBD beverage unit, reports MJBizDaily.

Three months ago, licensed producer Tilray (which reported a USD $52.5 million profit yesterday) and beer giant AB InBev ended its partnership, which left Fluent with Labatt. 

Jorn Socquet, CEO of Fluent, declined to share the reasons behind the closure. “We want to thank our employees, partners, and customers for their support over the past three years in helping us build one of the top CBD beverage portfolios in Canada,” Socquet said. 


New Mexico gets off to a strong start

In its first weekend of adult-use sales, New Mexico sales exceeded USD $4.5 million, reports KOAT

The three top-selling cities after Albuquerque and Santa Fe are all located close to the Texas border, where adult-use cannabis is illegal.

Now, out-of-state residents can also apply to open a cannabis store in the state, reports FOX. “We are not going to be turning away any investments into our state,” said Reyes,  Victor Reyes, the deputy superintendent of the New Mexico Cannabis Regulation and Licensing Department.


The UK has a ‘backward, stigmatizing, and racist approach to cannabis,’ says Volteface’s Katya Kowalski 

After a 15-year-old girl was strip-searched for cannabis by London’s Met Police, drug policy researcher and head of operations at Volteface Katya Kowalski weighed in on the wrong-headed attitudes that are holding up reform in the UK in a Q&A with BusinessCann.

The highlights

  • Volteface is a think tank aimed at reducing harm of drugs, and it was commissioned by the city of London to help inform Mayor Sadiq Khan’s pilot project to divert people under the age of 25 caught in possession of cannabis away from the criminal justice system
  • The incident with the teenager shows “that there’s still a persisting, backward, stigmatising, and racist approach to cannabis” in the UK
  • The outcry toward the teenager’s treatment vs. the outcry toward Khan’s pilot project show there is a way to go for attitudes to see how policy change can prevent harm and free up police resources

“These people are simply possessing a couple of grams of cannabis, they shouldn’t be taking up police time, especially in a city like London where there’s a lot of violent and dangerous crime going on.”

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