Flower to the NY people

New York’s brand new Cannabis Control Board met for the first time this week and it’s already taking decisive action: Flower is now, effective immediately, allowed for sale in medical cannabis dispensaries, reports Leafly.

Wait. Flower wasn’t already on the menu?

That’s right. Previously, while medical cannabis itself has been legal in the state since 2014, cannabis flower has not. Instead, the approximate 150,000 registered medical cannabis consumers had to choose from tinctures, oils and other edible cannabis products.

And there’s more: the board also decided to eliminate a $50 double consumer purchase limits from a 30-day supply of medicine to a 60-day supply.

Not so fast

But regulated cannabis flower isn’t just lying around, notes Leafly.

“The news caught many dispensaries by surprise, as frontline staff members found themselves suddenly fielding calls from patients asking for state-licensed bud,” they write. “Calls to a number of dispensaries on Wednesday afternoon indicated that it could be days or weeks before licensed flower is actually on the shelves.”

More questions than answers

In addition to supply, dispensary owners also don’t yet know any details of what they can and can’t do as far as display, packaging, and myriad other compliance issues — will jars be permitted, for example?

“There’s a lot of confusion in dispensaries about this right now, as state regulators haven’t been exactly forthcoming about the new rules regarding flower sales, so please keep that in mind if you contact your local outlet,” advises Leafly. “The folks there are doing the best they can with limited information.”

See our previous coverage of New York’s legalization effort:

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