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Cantourage UK and CannFX make history by delivering the first ever Medical Cannabis Flower from New Zealand to the UK

  • CannFx’s dried flowers are the first New Zealand medical cannabis products to be made available in the United Kingdom
  • CannFx’s indoor facility will continue to release more high-quality cultivars coming out of the agricultural epicentre of Australasia over the next few months
  • CannFx’s medical products are the latest addition to the offering of Cantourage UK’s portfolio

Cantourage UK, a leading European medical cannabis company, has announced today the launch of the first-ever medical cannabis flower from New Zealand with leading brand CannFX.

Together, they aim to provide patients in need with access to safe, consistent high-quality indoor grown medical cannabis products.

Cantourage UK’s partnership with New Zealand-based CannFX will allow the company to import a variety of non-irradiated medical cannabis flowers that meet stringent quality and safety standards. Cantourage UK’s partnership with CannFX will also allow for the development of new, innovative medical cannabis products that can better meet the needs of patients.

“We are thrilled to launch this partnership with New Zealand’s leading licensed cannabis exporter and to be able to offer our patients a new source of high-quality medical cannabis products” said Cantourage UK’s Chief Sales Officer, Joshua Cuby. “We are treating and learning from patients every day at Cantourage Clinic, we know that many patients are struggling to access indoor grown, high-quality medical cannabis flowers, and we believe that our partnership with CannFX will help address this issue”.

New Zealand is known for its high-quality agriculture, non-irradiated cannabis strains and well-regulated cannabis industry, making it an attractive location to produce medical cannabis. By importing medical cannabis products from New Zealand via Cantourage GmbH, Cantourage UK hopes to provide patients with access to safe, effective treatments that they may not be able to find elsewhere.

“We believe that medical cannabis has the potential to transform the lives of millions of people around the world who are suffering from a range of medical conditions,” said Bastiaan Kramer. “By partnering with Cantourage UK, we are continuing to expand our international network to make NZ crafted medical cannabis more accessible to patients in need, wherever they may be.”

About Cantourage UK

Cantourage UK is a joint venture established in January 2021 between Cantourage GmbH, a subsidiary of publicly listed European cannabis company Cantourage SE, and NICE Partners, a London-based firm founded in 2019 by Benjy Cuby, Gabriel Newman, Joshua Cuby and Niall Ivers. Specialising in strategic alliances, supply relationships, business development and compliance in the burgeoning European cannabis market. Cantourage UK is committed to meeting the needs of patients across the UK by importing high-quality medical cannabis products from around the world.

About CannFX

CannFX was founded in 2019 and is the brand that represents the majority of New Zealand’s medical cannabis cultivators. The company has signed agreements with only the best cultivators in New Zealand to consistently grow, produce, and distribute the cleanest and highest-grade non-irradiated medical cannabis flower. New Zealand has set the most stringent quality standards in the world for the export of non-irradiated medical cannabis. CannFX is actively working to meet and exceed these standards so that patients benefit from the highest quality dried flower available on the market.  

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