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Cannabis research passes, but not banking…yet

cannabis news includes the passage of research legislation in the us


U.S. House passes medical cannabis research bill

The Medical Marijuana Research Act passed the House on Monday, in a 343-75 vote, reports Forbes.

The bill is cosponsored by both Democrats and Republicans. If passed by the Senate, it would make it easier for researchers to study regulated cannabis provided by stores in legal states.

“Currently, the limited variety of cannabis cultivars accessible to federally licensed researchers does not represent the type or quality of cannabis products currently available in legal, statewide markets,” said NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano in a statement. 

“The reality that nearly one-half of U.S. adults have legal access to this multitude of cannabis products, but our nation’s top scientists do not, is the height of absurdity and it is an indictment of the current system.”

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When the April Fool’s gag is *too* good 

The problem with April Fool’s jokes is that they’re usually bad. And when they’re good—well, they’re devastating. Take the example of the late entry last Friday afternoon by founder and CEO of B.C.-based Tantalus Labs Dan Sutton.

“It is with a heavy heart that I share the unfortunate flooding of SunLab,” he tweeted, along with photo evidence to back it up. “We got everyone out and no one drowned, but it filled up too quickly. We will be back.”

News of the flooded grow was met with a tsunami of sympathy, with offers of help coming from all sectors of the industry. “Damn … Hoping for your quick recovery,” tweeted Extract Magazine. “Can we share this photo?”

“As long as you caption it, ‘All time cannabis twitter April Fool’s Champion,’” Sutton retorted. Damn, indeed.


Love Hemp shareholders vote to stay the course

All five resolutions proposed by one of its largest shareholders, including ousting chairman Andrew Male, were not accepted by Love Hemp’s shareholders in a vote last week, reports BusinessCann.

The resolutions proposed by Pershing Nominees Limited were:

  • Remove the chairman
  • Reduce board salaries by 75%
  • Undergo a strategic review and list the company for sale
  • Review the financials
  • Halt the marketing spend

More than 95% of votes were against the proposals. “All resolutions were strongly voted against, highlighting the support of our current shareholder base,” said Male. “I look forward to re-focusing our efforts on moving forward with our growth strategy and the upcoming listing on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.”

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