California signs a bill to treat parental cannabis use like alcohol


California signs a bill to treat parental cannabis use like alcohol

Earlier this week the Gothamist reported that despite law changes, families in NYC were still being persecuted for cannabis use by Child Services. Now California has passed a bill to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to Californian parents, per Marijuana Moment.

Whilst cannabis use alone is enough in some states to justify removing children from a home but the new bill states that in California “when a social worker is investigating an alleged case of child abuse or neglect, a parent’s or guardian’s use or possession of cannabis is treated in the same manner as a parent’s or guardian’s use or possession of alcohol and legally prescribed medication.”

Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer, who sponsored the bill, said that “cannabis use alone should not be a basis for state intervention into family life.”

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FIKA officially opens at Toronto’s Union Station

FIKA have officially opened their new store in the country’s busiest building. The location is the first retail cannabis store in the world to open in a major transportation hub, per a press release.

Union Station is a National Historic Site that attracts more than 100 million visitors annually, making the opening of FIKA at Union Station a significant milestone in the emerging global cannabis industry. The location will have:

  • The Flower Bar, with flower available for purchase
  • The Express Bar, an express option of curated top sellers for busy commuters
  • The Vape and Pre-Roll Bars
  • The Tuck Shop, an assortment of edibles

Christopher Kane, Chief Operating Officer at FIKA said “It is an honour to have been selected to bring our vision and customer experience to Union Station and not one we take lightly. Union is not just Canada’s busiest building; it is a historical treasure and an architectural marvel. We’ve put every effort into creating an environment worthy of this iconic home.”


Bermuda’s cannabis legalization has been blocked by UK Government

The UK Government has chosen to deny Bermuda the choice to legalize cannabis, reports the i.

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and generally the UK allows them the freedom to make their own governing decisions. The bill to legalize cannabis has sat with former Forgein Secretary and new Primeminister, Liz Truss since March. Whilst Bermuda’s UK-appointed Governor, Rena Lalgie made it clear that adult-use cannabis legalization allowed under the UK’s international obligations, Bermuda warned it would cause unrest to refuse.This seems to be the case as there are growing calls for independence.

. “In 2018, this same government refused to intervene when Bermuda overturn same-sex marriage on the grounds that they had a right to self-government, so this latest decision is hypocritical at best and despotic at worst.” said British Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

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