A new association helps Indigenous communities to ‘reclaim’ cannabis


A new association helps America’s Indigenous communities to ‘reclaim’ cannabis

President Biden has proclaimed Columbus Day (10 October) as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” a change that also applies to the holiday’s cultural significance, reports Forbes

This change is being welcomed by Native Americans, and member of the Nez Perce tribe, Mary Jane Oatman, has told the publication that the transition away from Columbus’ heroic status mirrors another transition that she says education is bringing – that is the acceptance of medical cannabis. 

In this vein, Oatman has co-founded the Indigenous Cannabis Industry Association (ICIA) which aims to: 

  • Promote the development of cannabis for the benefit of tribal communities.
  • Support native entrepreneurs. 
  • Create a connecting tribal network across the regulatory patchwork of states. 

“A true history of the plant will help facilitate truth and reconciliation for our Indigenous communities to reclaim plant healing and sacrament,” Oatman told Forbes.

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Kansas is getting closer to legalizing medical cannabis

Marijuana Moment reports that Kansas lawmakers have now held the second of three planned hearings on medical cannabis legalization on Wednesday. 

The hearing, held a week following members of the legislature’s Special Committee on medical cannabis, focused on the “public policy implications” of medical cannabis legalization.

The meeting discussed: 

  • How to effectively regulate the market. 
  • Track-and-trace. 
  • Pros and cons of licensing caps. 
  • Role that physicians should play. 

The publication says that supporters far outnumbered opponents at the hearing, who made the case that Kansas is uniquely positioned to take lessons from other states and incorporate them into a new medical cannabis programme. 

Feedback is being accepted from interested parties that could be worked into the pending proposal.


Environmentally friendly cannabis packaging service reuses wholesale packaging

A Canadian consultancy is piloting an environmentally friendly cannabis packaging service, reports MJ Biz Daily

Environmental, social and governance consultancy, Apical Ethical Cannabis Collective, is aiming to reduce waste by reusing wholesale packaging many times instead of recycling or throwing it away. 

Mj Biz highlights that, unlike many other green cannabis packaging initiatives, the prototype involves packaging for wholesale shipments from producers to distributors or stores. 

The master pack applies a scannable QR code to corrugated cardboard shipping cases, allowing retailers to scan the code to schedule a pickup of empty packaging cases. The packaging can then be reused up to 12 times. 

Apical CEO Mika Unterman told the publication: “I think reuse can be implemented and be profitable and be successful at both levels of the supply chain.”


Key points of Germany’s adult use legislation proposals leaked, revealing plans for no importation of cannabis for adult use

Key points of how Germany’s upcoming adult-use cannabis legalisation will look have been leaked, reports BusinessCann

The report has not yet been officially released, RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) has revealed key points in the draft, including: 

  • Cannabis would no longer be classed as a narcotic 
  • Imports will not be allowed, with national demand having to be covered by German production 
  • A cannabis tax based on THC content could be introduced 
  • Cannabis sales would be permitted in licensed shops 
  • Cannabis sales may be permitted in pharmacies 
  • The black market could be further restricted through online cannabis sales
  • A license to sell cannabis will be required, otherwise, it remains a criminal offense.
  • Synthetic cannabinoid sales remain prohibited 

Advertising products could be prohibited Prohibition Partners’ Industry and Data Analyst Conor O’Brien told BusinessCann that in his opinion the fact that imports of adult-use cannabis will not be allowed is the ‘most important point’ of the leak.

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