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Kanabo Group Set To Advise On Developing Industry Standards For CBD Vape Products


PIONEERING medical cannabis company Kanabo Group has been selected as a steering group member for the development of a British Standard for CBD non-tobacco Vape products. CBD Vape products provide an alternative method to consuming CBD, which has been dominated by food and cosmetic products.

Standardisation of the category is currently minimal and has historically focused on the safety of electronic components of CBD Vape products. The British Standards Institution (BSI) has announced a Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) expected to be published in early 2023 for CBD Vape Products to develop a standard specification for their safety, quality and performance, which will ensure consumer protection while driving category growth. 

PAS is a sponsored standardisation document compiled and co-developed by industry experts and stakeholders, defining best practice with the goal of introducing standardisation. The PAS is authored by a steering group representing an equitable spread of stakeholder expertise and opinion. Kanabo Group’s appointment to the steering committee of PAS 13956 will leverage the pioneering experience, research and development of the CBD and cannabis specialist – including extensive clinical and validation activities, as well as safety and efficiency tests conducted by the Group. 

Headquartered in the UK with research and development facilities centred in Israel (an established leader in the cannabis industry) the Pan-European Kanabo Group is focused on developing and commercialising cannabis-derived products for medical patients and wellness CBD consumers. This includes the unique development of high-quality cannabis extract formulas and innovating medical-grade vaporisers and non-combustible inhalation consumption solutions with pharmaceutical grade production standards to produce the highest quality high potency and vegan friendly CBD vape products for consumers. Kanabo Group’s experience and expertise will inform the BSI document to provide a standard specification for the safety, quality and performance of CBD Vape products in order to ensure consumer protection under reasonable and foreseeable conditions based on Kanabo’s own self-regulated standards that include comprehensive safety data, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing practices and stringent product purity testing to ensure no dilutants are used.

Avihu Tamir, CEO Kanabo Group Plc, said: 

“We are delighted to be included within this PAS steering group. We have always taken a safety-first approach to our CDB products and delivery devices, which includes educating consumers about our products and their quality. We always undertake stringent safety and efficacy studies as part of our product development programmes and are unique in the industry in making these results available to the public. These important developments will provide consumers with confidence and ultimately shape the CBD Vape industry.”

Kanabo Group has plans to reach out to the UK Government’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to highlight the PAS publication and share their standards for testing the safety and efficacy of new products in the hope that the same exacting process and consumer transparency will inform the assessment and establishment of national standards.

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