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Your Medicinal Cannabis Companion Arrives

Canndr® Debuts at The 2023 UK Medicinal Cannabis Awareness Week, the patient-centric platform powered by patients who deserve clarity, information and protection of their rights.

On a pivital Medicinal Cannabis Awareness Week, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the legalisation of medicinal cannabis prescriptions to UK patients, Canndr® – the new cannabis tech company from the team behind cannabinoid pioneers, BRITISH CANNABIS™ is unveiling its services to the community, at a series of important events.

Canndr® (pronounced ‘candour’) is set to make a big contribution to simplifying UK public access to medicinal cannabis, by tying together the existing infrastructure of medicines, producers, clinics and dispensaries; adding data-led evidence that aims to put the power of choosing a cannabis based treatment path into the hands of would-be patients.

Canndr® Features:

  • Comprehensive directories of reputable cannabis clinics and dispensing pharmacies.
  • Real time stock availability data on all Cannabis Based Prescription Medicines (CBPMs).
  • Thousands of complied real-world comments and reviews on clinics, pharmacies and medicines, giving patients informed choice.
  • Incident reporting for patients whose legal rights to carry a cannabis prescription are challenged in day-to-day situations.
  • Empowering doctors to prescribe, modify and track treatment plans for optimal health outcomes, based on data-driven insights.
  • A free Canndr® Patient Card, with confidence and convenience-boosting features for patients, including verification of existing prescriptions and advisory for authorities.

A Time for Progress

Over the course of Medicinal Cannabis Awareness Week, Canndr® and BRITISH CANNABIS™ have been connecting with medicinal cannabis pioneers, policy influencers and patient communities, to contribute to a shared effort for a seismic shift in the progress of patient rights and mainstream acceptance of their medicines.

Highlights of Medicinal Cannabis Awareness Week:

Wednesday 1st NovemberMarket Challenges and Opportunities gathering, hosted by BRITISH CANNABIS™, from the offices of the leading legal firm in the cannabinoid space – Fieldfisher. Collaborating with the most forward thinking companies in the medicinal cannabis space.

Thursday 2nd November – attending the Cannabis Industry Council’s member conference, participating in workshops that aim to bring solutions to industry challenges.

Friday 3rd November – Events culminate at UK Patient Conference 2023, where Canndr® is a gold-level sponsor of the conference event built by respected research and policy reform organisation, Drug Science.

This conference, held in London, is a forum for patient communities to come together and get advice and network with key companies in the space that can support  them.

As well as talking to the UK’s first generation of medicinal cannabis patients and finding out how the industry can come together to improve their journey there will be a series of panel talks, hosted by Drug Science, on a number of key topics. Canndr® founder, Tom Whettem, will be participating as a panellist in a talk on Protecting The Legal Rights of Patients.

Other panels set out to tackle subjects such as innovation in the CBPMs space, changing mainstream perception of cannabis medicines for the better and looking forward to the next 5 years of change as UK CBPM enters the second half of its first decade of legalisation.

At the patient conference, the first ever Canndr® patient cards will be handed out to patients with confirmed prescriptions. The patient card will continue to be available for free to all Canndr® members in the long term future, with verifiable proof of your CBPMs prescription and the ability to gain instant access to legal resources and support for the legitimacy of a prescription, via the build in QR code.

Tom Whettem, CEO and founder of Canndr®, celebrated the week and what Canndr® will set out to achieve: “The creation of Canndr was driven by a singular belief – a clear conviction that medicinal cannabis patients in the UK deserved an ally, they deserved transparency, they deserved better. This week, as we launch Canndr, I hope the community understand that this isn’t merely a novelty app. This technology will be a significant step towards transforming the medicinal cannabis landscape. We need to hear patients’ experiences with medicines, clinics and dispensaries; their passion, their voices. Bringing the full patient journey together with intelligent data on what is working for people, could help ignite the transformative change we want to see for everyone in the UK medicinal cannabis space”.

How You Can Get Involved

  1. Register for tickets for The UK Patient Conference on Friday 3rd November in London to meet the Canndr team, at https://www.drugscience.org.uk/patient-conference/
  2. To tap into the future of medicinal cannabis, download Canndr via Google Play or the Apple App Store today.
  3. For enquiries on having your medicine, clinic or dispensary join the platform, get in touch at canndr.com.

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