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UN conference sees Special Issue on industrial hemp

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The National Hemp Association (NHA) has been engaging with the United Nations (UN), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the World Bank to advance the recognition and acceptance of industrial hemp around the globe.

A report from the UN discusses the general uses of industrial hemp and how they are reflected in international production and trade statistics.

Based on current practical experiences and empirical expertise, the report also defines the steps that could be taken by developing countries where climate and agronomic characteristics are favourable for its cultivation to take advantage of its economic and social potential.

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Chair of the National Hemp Association, Geoff Whaling, stated: “We are pleased that the UN Conference on Trade and Development invested in creating this special issue on Industrial Hemp.

“It is a tremendous step in breaking down barriers for the hemp industry.”

What’s in the Special Issue?

The Special Issue suggests that a whole-plant approach should be at the core of any sectoral development strategy – which could facilitate the creation of production chains that are able to contribute to growth in rural areas, in manufacturing and in the food processing industry.

To fully exploit the potential of industrial hemp, countries would need to take specific actions, such as a clarification of the legal status of hemp as distinct from intoxicant cannabis substances could be the first step taken by governments.

A precise understanding of production constraints imposed by regulatory frameworks in destination markets would also be necessary to identify market potential. Regional co-operation to facilitate the establishment of production chains may also be a strategy for developing countries to consider.

To read the full report please visit: https://nationalhempassociation.org/wp-content/uploads/UN-Special-Report-on-hemp-2022.pdf

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