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Should CBD regulations come before cannabis reform?

Since broader federal cannabis reform could take quite some time, the Natural Products Association (NPA) penned an op-ed for Marijuana Moment reminding regulators that CBD, while legal, is still woefully under-regulated — and that it should be prioritized first.

Bipartisan, low-hanging flower fruit

NPA consultant and co-author Brendan Belair, who is a former Republican staff director of the House Judiciary Committee, argues that while consensus is building on federal cannabis reform, the FDA should have started regulating CBD a long time ago.

“It was almost three years ago when Congress legalized hemp-derived CBD in the Farm Bill,” he writes. “If Congress can’t encourage the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to finally regulate hemp, how can we possibly expect Congress to tackle full legalization of cannabis? Especially when, by all measures, the House has devolved into little more than political theater these days.”

CBD’s state of confusion

While the FDA has issued warnings to some CBD companies making false health claims, the Consumer Brands Association says the lack of federal enforcement means that there are approximately 135 proposals in 38 different states aimed to regulate and uphold standards for cannabidiol.

Bills, bills, bills

Rather than arguing over one or all of the three bills that have already been introduced, the authors argue that a new, bipartisan bill supported by both consumers and stakeholders is required to direct the FDA to properly regulate CBD.

“A fresh, unified start means a real chance at seeing reform become a reality this Congress.”

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