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Royal Queen Seeds Launches The First Ever F1 Hybrid Seeds Into The Cannabis Market


ONE of Europe’s leading cannabis seed banks, Royal Queen Seeds, just became the first company to offer true F1 cannabis hybrids with the uniformity, stability, and yield quality needed by the budding legal cannabis industry. Bred from pure inbred lines, RQS F1 seeds aim to revolutionise the world of cannabis, offering a stable crop and a consistent end product

The new F1 Hybrids will be a game changer in the cannabis industry, just as feminized seeds were in the 90s.

The creation of Royal Queen Seeds’ F1 hybrids started in 2019, when the bank created its first pure inbred lines (IBLs) with exceptional grow traits. After some further tweaking, RQS crossed its IBLs to create the world’s first true F1 cannabis hybrids that promise to revolutionise the cannabis industry. 

As opposed to the cannabis strains (and their unpredictable phenotypes) that have long served as the backbone of both domestic and commercial cannabis grows, F1 hybrids are uniform plants with countless benefits for all sectors of the cannabis industry: medical patients will benefit from consistent, quality cannabinoids, commercial growers will be able to streamline their operations by working with a reliable crop, and even home growers will have access to more potent, higher-yielding plants for their gardens/tents.

Royal Queen Seeds has over 10 years of experience passionately breeding cannabis cultivars of all types, from Dutch classics like White Widow to modern US strains like Royal Gorilla and even CBD-rich varieties. The bank’s catalogue comprises regular, feminized, and autoflowering indicas, sativas, and now F1 hybrids, as well as everything growers need to cultivate a top-quality product. From veteran green thumbs to hobby growers and complete novices, growers of all skill levels recognise Royal Queen Seeds as a leader in cannabis genetics and grow gear. 

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