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British Cannabis™ has been busier than ever in 2021, building plans for future growth. The cornerstone of this endeavour will be the Winter 2021 relaunch of its flagship pharmacy CBD brand – Canabidol™.

We spoke to the leadership team at the UK’s ‘consumer cannabis original’ as they prepare to take their multi-faceted business back on the road with a return to live events.

In 2017, Canabidol™ by British Cannabis™, became the first CBD brand to exhibit at The Pharmacy Show. Each year, its presence at the show grew in parallel with the CBD category’s exponential growth in the UK. In 2021, the company is set to greet pharmacists and retail buyers at the largest open plan stand occupied by a CBD company to date.

Canabidol™ is a UK-made CBD brand, developed specifically to meet the exacting standards required in pharmacy for the retail sale of CBD products. This included transparent batch-by-batch analytical testing, publicly available online test results and class-leading accurate CBD strengths and assured product purity and safety.

These high standards for product quality helped see British Cannabis ship over half a million product units across multiple retail channels.

David Ralson, British Cannabis’ managing director, commented: “Over the years British Cannabis won awards for the whole-plant cannabis distillate ingredients behind our retail brands, as well as a number of accolades across the brands themselves; these included Pharmacy CBD Product of The Year 2020 with Independent Community Pharmacist and two CBD Product of The Year awards with healthy lifestyle magazines. Meanwhile, our white label and private label partners also picked up a number of awards for the products we produce for them.

“We have never put something out to market unless we’re satisfied that it is what it says and that it will work for people,” says David.

“Helping people in a wide range of ways with our products is what drives the company forward; the positive stories on our Trustpilot pages – which have accumulated over 4,00 combined five-star reviews to date – make all the efforts more than worthwhile.” 

With over 1,500 product options, all with registered FSA Novel Foods applications, other leading CBD brands have turned to being ‘Powered by British Cannabis’ in 2021 as white-label clients.

From reaching the number one spot on the Amazon UK Herbal Supplements department in 2016 with Canabidol™ CBD Gel-Tabs, to the development of the first UK-made refined, golden and smooth cannabis oils, and the first clinically proven cannabis cosmetics, Canabidol set trends which more recent entrants to the UK market have had to follow.

David recalls: “Over time, British Cannabis came to sum itself up with the line ‘We know more, because we do more’.”

The continuous programme of research and innovation at British Cannabis most recently saw the launch of the Canabidol™ CBD Dermal Patch. Each patch is designed to deliver cannabis plant benefits via an easy-to-use direct dermal application to any part of the body, over a 24 hour period. 

Unlike ‘weaker’ patch products on the market, Canabidol’s unique formula contains 17 natural plant terpenes and essential oils as well as 50mg of pure cannabis-extracted CBD.

The new CBD Dermal Patches, along with the rest of the Canabidol™ range (including Refined and RAW Cannabis CBD Oils, CBD Capsules and CBD Rescue Cream™) are debuting in all-new packaging for the first time at The Pharmacy Show.

British Cannabis marketing director, Steve Batchelor, can hardly wait, commenting: “Canabidol™ has always set standards when it came to looking professional, credible and approachable.

“Even when many CBD brands back in 2016 had a fairly ‘earthy’ and ‘canna-centric’ look and feel, Canabidol™ carved out a niche as a mainstream range underpinned by quality and attention to detail. With our Q3 2021 relaunch, the range is looking stunning; all-new premium-feel shoulder boxes, colour-coordinated strengths and beautiful gold foil finishing. Our hard-working British Cannabis Creative team have outdone themselves and I look forward to seeing our retail and pharmacy customers receiving this new-look range on shelves, well in time for the upcoming key winter season for CBD products.”

As these innovations are made-ready, the firm is investing in a new HQ facility for 2022, which will see it treble capacity and start to manufacture more CBD supplements than ever, as well as launch many new CBD cosmetics lines. 

The facility will also include a state-of-the-art ISO-accredited testing lab, under the rebranded British Cannabis Analytics division of the business. 

As one of 35 testing labs selected to participate in the 2021 UK Government Chemist ring trial assessment for measuring CBD and cannabinoid content in commercial products, British Cannabis Analytics received a vote-of-confidence in its product testing services and the accuracy of its results. 

The LGC stated that the trial was “very successful”, with 82 per cent of labs demonstrating their capability to determine CBD in consumer products successfully.

CEO and founder, Tom Whettem, commented: “Having this amount of trust and faith put into our analytics services is further ratification that British Cannabis’ labs are up to par with other established testing facilities used in the cannabinoid industry. 

“After nearly six years of pioneering in the UK consumer cannabis industry, the exciting relaunch of Canabidol™ and establishment of British Cannabis Analytics takes the company one step closer to establishing a legacy the likes of British Sugar, British Telecom and British Airways, who all established themselves as household names in their industries. we stand on the shoulder of those UK giants and by using the understanding gained by these major thinkers that developed before us, we aspire one day to be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder alongside them.”

Following the recent trend of cannabis companies gaining London Stock Exchange (LSE) listings, David Ralson confirmed that British Cannabis is also close to securing a long term investment boost. 

“As an established company that has generated over £15m in revenues and demonstrated a profitable trading history since its conception in 2016. we are now primed to build on those solid foundations, tapping into the capital markets to further our strategic investment plans,” he said.

“With no previous ties to a larger parent company, being independent and family-owned is something we are proud of. However, we will also be moving with the times and strengthening British Cannabis for the long term. This will allow the right investors the opportunity to be the first to partner with a British company that has all the high growth potential to become a household name.”

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