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Petition to Raise Edibles THC Limit to 100mg in Canada Gains Traction 

A petition to raise the THC cap in cannabis edibles by ten times the current limit gained enough signatures to be tabled in the House of Commons.

Cannabis campaign group NORML Canada launched the petition on November 08, and the campaign is understood to have gained over 1300 signatures, far surpassing the 500 needed to be tabled.

With the petition open until March next year, NORML’s regional Executive Director Jennawae Cavion has said she hopes to have gained 5000 signatures by then.

The petition argues that the current 10mg package limit is turning consumers towards the black market, which offers much higher concentrations of THC. The group is therefore calling for the limit to be raised significantly to 100mg.

StratCann reports that the petition is now gaining support from a number of MPs, including Patrick Weiler, the Liberal MP sponsoring the petition, who told the publication: “Consumers of edible cannabis are seeking much higher limits than what is available through the legal market in Canada, diverting consumers to the illicit market, or simply leading individuals to buy many packages to obtain the desired amount legally.”

“Introducing this change will encourage consumers to source their product from a regulated source, while simultaneously reducing excessive packaging. An elevated limit further corresponds with the limits established in many US states that have legalised cannabis sale and use. I was therefore willing to authorise such a petition that raises this important issue, and look forward to hopefully seeing its presentation in the House sometime next spring.”

The initial decision to impose a 10mg limit was based on feedback from Colorado and Washington, both of which legalised adult-use cannabis before Canada.

With few restrictions imposed on edible THC limits in either state, there were a number of problems reported with people consuming too much, increasing emergency room visits.

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