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This week, Business of Cannabis is proud to launch two new podcasts. Today, we encourage you to check out On A High, a podcast a show about the intersection of cannabis, beauty, fashion, and wellness. The podcast is hosted by Michelle Bilodeau and Donna Bishop. You can find it wherever you find podcasts, as well as on the Business of Cannabis website

Companies with the name “Canopy” were active last week.

Canopy Rivers made a deeper investment and deeper commitment to Terrascend

Canopy Growth bought a majority stake in BioSteel, the Canadian-based pink sports drink. 

In a quasi-related story, Pepsi is not ready to enter the market… yet.

It turns out Canada’s GDP has received a not-inconsequential bump because of cannabis. Specifically, an $8.26 billion boost, according to Stats Can. Making it a good time to remind you of an event next week in advance of the Federal election…

For your LAUGH this week, the Premier of Manitoba would like to ban the public ingestion of edibles. Also, the Premier of Manitoba may not be the best informed Premier in Canada…

The fall out from the “vape crisis” has some Canadian LPs and brand houses putting their own spin on things. Some are publicly saying they are “undeterred” with the continued negative coverage. 

From the cannabis in the workplace file, it turns out that predictions that legalization would cause the sky to fall in Canadian workplaces have proven falseA new ADP Canada poll dove a bit deeper.

The US’s first cannabis restaurant opened in LA. More from south of the border

In other “firsts” – this time in Toronto at some time in 2020. The founder of Emblem, and now the founder of Robes Cannabis is eyeing the opening of a boutique in downtown Toronto

A strange story from Moncton, where an outbreak of legionnaires’ disease is being (maybe?) linked to vents at Organigram

While he is now on the other side of the pond, Nick Pateras of Materia Ventures is still paying close attention to what’s happening on this side of things…

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