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New York licenses aren’t coming until…2023

New York’s Cannabis Control Board chair Tremaine Wright said that adult-use sales licenses won’t be issued until spring of 2023 at the earliest, according to Rochester City Newspaper.

Managing expectations

At a cannabis industry symposium in Rochester, Wright said the board was working on an 18-month timeline to develop regulatory policies for the emerging industry. But that doesn’t mean stores will necessarily be open by then.

“What we do control is getting (dispensaries) licensing and giving them all the tools so they can work within our systems,” she said. “That’s what we are saying will be achieved in 18 months. Not that they’re open, not that they’ll be full-blown operations, because we don’t know that.”

Long year ahead

The crowd, largely made up of cannabis industry hopefuls, reportedly groaned in response to the timeline. 

While cannabis possession and gifts are now legal in New York, selling cannabis is not. But already, several CBD stores have been warned to stop including THC products as a “free gift” promotion and that they could face hefty fines as a result. 

Last month, the New York Post reported that weed sellers were hawking goods to tourists in the open air in Washington Square Park. Also in Manhattan, Insider reported on a new, unlicensed “recreational cannabis club” — ie. dispensary — called Empire.

For the latest in what’s happening in New York, join us for Business of Cannabis: New York Sessions on December 9th at The Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn.

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