New York Cannabis Control Board approves the first 36 CAURD licenses


New York Cannabis Control Board approves the first 36 CAURD licenses

In historic news for New York, the New York Cannabis Control Board has voted to approve the first 36 retail licenses, reports The New York Times. The recipients chosen were narrowed down from a group of 903 applicants.

The details

  • 28 of the licenses are going to entrepreneurs affected by the criminalization of cannabis
  • 8 are for non-profit organizations
  • Most of the licenses went to people in New York City and on Long Island
  • 19 licenses went to individuals who belong to racial and ethnic minority groups
  • 20 of the recipients were from some of the lowest income areas in the country

“If the true goal of cannabis in New York is to be equitable, then who better than us? Because we’ve suffered at the hands of the war on drugs. We come from the most policed neighborhoods in the Bronx.” said license recipient, Naiomy Guerrero.

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Spokesperson confirms Biden will sign medical cannabis bill

After the Senate passed America’s first stand alone cannabis bill last week, a spokesperson for the White House has confirmed that Biden will sign it, reports Forbes.

The bipartisan bill passed the Senate unanimously and will remove barriers to researchers. The bill streamlines applications and allows requests for larger amounts of cannabis.

“After working on the issue of cannabis reform for decades, finally the dam is starting to break. The passage of my Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act in the House and Senate represents a historic breakthrough in addressing the federal government’s failed and misguided prohibition of cannabis,” said co-sponsor of the bill, Democratic Representative Earl Blumenauer.


Juicy Field scam evidence to be released to public

In a scam some have cited as the biggest in Europe for many years, new details are due to be released to the public in a ‘Wikileaks-style data dump’ reports BusinessCann.

As more details emerge, Juicy Fields scheme gets larger, stranger and more farcical than anyone had initially suspected. Now there are allegations of a multi-billion laundering scam with both the Russian mafia and the Colombian cartel.

While these allegations may seem outlandish or wholly unbelievable, the 20,000 pages of evidence from which they have been gleaned will soon be made public, as Lars Olofsson, the Swedish lawyer spearheading a class action lawsuit against the company, prepares to file his case in court.

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