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New Jersey bill would allow interstate cannabis trade


New Jersey bill would allow interstate cannabis trade

A new bill filed by New Jersey’s Senate President Nicholas Scutari would allow the governor to make deals with other states to supply its cannabis market, per Marijuana Moment

Importantly, the bill’s powers are contingent on federal cannabis legalization, which could be a long way off, or if the federal Justice Department allows it.

The bill also stipulates that the state would have to agree to methods of transportation of products, snf companies wanting to do business with New Jersey would have to be licensed by the state and local municipalities. 

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Ontario store operators worry they’ll run out of inventory due to OCS delays

The Ontario Cannabis Store delivery delay continues to wear on, and store operators are now worried they’ll run out of products—and lose loyal customers as a result, per Global News

“I don’t like to order massive quantities of any one thing because I rotate a lot of things through, so when I get disrupted, it means that the shelves are going to be bare,” said Elisa Keay of K’s Pot Shop, located in Toronto. “It means that some customers are going to come in, shake their head, upset they’re not getting what they want and they’re going to go somewhere else because they don’t want to hear that it’s not my fault…and there was a cyberattack.”

Some store social media accounts expressed their frustration with memes. Superette, which has multiple stores in Ottawa and Toronto, posted several memes, including a photo of a skeleton with the caption, “Us waiting for our OCS delivery.”


Alberta no longer requires window coverings on cannabis stores

After several robberies, some involving weapons, Alberta’s Gaming Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) regulators will no longer require cannabis stores to have covered windows, reports MJBizDaily.

“AGLC’s board has approved this change to ensure that AGLC policy is not inadvertently contributing to targeting these locations due to a lack of visibility into the site,” writes a letter the AGLC sent to stores. Promotions and advertising in windows is still not permitted.

There were 21 cannabis store robberies in Calgary alone in 2021, and even more in 2022.

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