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MGC Pharma receives approval for COVID-19 treatment

MGC Pharmaceuticals has received a Free Trade Certificate in Germany for its product ArtemiC which has shown successful results in treating COVID-19 patients. 

The European-based bio-pharmaceutical company, MGC Pharma, which specialises in the production and development of phytocannabinoid and plant-derived medicines received the certificate following a successful Phase II, multi-centre clinical trial which demonstrated enhanced recovery of hospitalised patients with severe COVID-19 compared with placebo controls.

The company says the issuing of the certificate is likely to significantly accelerate entry into EU and other markets.

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Co-founder and managing director of MGC Pharma, Roby Zomer, commented: “The issue of a Free Trade Certificate for ArtemiC Rescue and the ArtemiC Product line in Germany, is a significant step forward for MGC Pharma as it opens the EU to the marketing and sale of one of the company’s leading products. 

“This is a major commercial milestone for both MGC Pharma and phytomedicines in general, as this approval serves to validate our clinical agenda, and research and development programme.” 

ArtemiC includes four natural-based ingredients including curcumin, boswellia serrata, artemisinin and vitamin C, and incorporates MGC Pharma’s global distribution partner Swiss PharmaCan’s MyCell Enhanced delivery system technology. 

The clinical trial, carried out in the Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s Medical College and Hospital, India, showed the product to have significant reduction in one of the main inflammatory markers related to COVID-19 – the C-reactive protein (CRP) – an acute inflammatory protein that increases up to 1,000-fold at sites of infection or inflammation, and which is used as one of the main prognostic factors for the clinical deterioration in hospitalised patients.

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“These latest observational trial results have expanded the possibilities for the use of ArtemiC and CimetrA and their treatment of patients with severe COVID-19. MGC Pharma has always placed the treatment of patients at the heart of everything we do, and these results are very promising signs for those who have been most severely impacted by the disease,” added Zomer. 

As part of the Emergency Use Registration process for Cimetr as a medicine in India, the clinical trial was conducted using a nasal formulation of CimetrA in order to meet the physiological limitations of patients with severe cases of COVID-19, which was released as ArtemiC to the study.

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