Linnea SA Receives Swiss Narcotics License Allowing For The Production And Exportation Of High THC Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

LINNEA SA (“Linnea,” or “the Company”), a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, has been granted a narcotics license by Swissmedic at the end of 2022.

They are now one of the first companies in Switzerland to be able to produce and export high THC APIs. The Company will begin producing GMP-certified high-THC active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in 2023, becoming one of the first Swiss companies to do so.

At the forefront of this exciting licensing is Linnea Cannabinoids, a project of Linnea SA. Linnea Cannabinoids aims to manufacture the highest-quality pharmaceutical cannabinoid ingredients and drive research and innovation within the global industry.

Gaining a narcotics license will allow Linnea to export their standardised and innovative high-THC APIs anywhere in the world where the importation of these products is legal. The demand for GMP certified pharmaceutical-grade cannabis is higher than ever. With this license, Linnea will be able to meet the demand of customers and patients worldwide.

“We are so honored to be granted a narcotics license in Switzerland, this opens up many new commercial possibilities for Linnea Cannabinoids and our customers,” says Susanne Caspar, CEO of Linnea SA.

“High-quality cannabinoid ingredients are essential to producing the pharmaceutical products that patients need, and we are eager to contribute our expertise to this effort. We look forward to the opportunities this will afford us in creating new partnerships and continuing to innovate in the industry.”

As we enter a new year, Linnea SA is expanding its portfolio and bringing its pharmaceutical cannabinoid products to a wider global audience. You can find Linnea online here and contact them here.

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