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Lack of lab oversight means THC potency is inflated on some cannabis products


Lack of lab oversight means THC potency is inflated on some cannabis products

Industry insiders in California and other US states say the lack of third-party validators on cannabis lab results are creating inaccurate THC potency labels on packages, per MJBizDaily.

Currently, there aren’t state-run labs working to validate the potency of cannabis flower products tested by private labs. With many consumers shopping by potency, it’s believed labs are sometimes inflating lab results, sometimes to numbers as high as 40% THC.

One possible solution is working to educate consumers about other important compounds, such as terpenes. But the CEO of BelCosta Labs warned against emphasizing the importance of yet another chemical compound: “Are people going to spray extra terpenes on their flower?” he said. “Are labs going to have incorrect terpene profiles?

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OCS caps retailer orders, expands delivery window

After halting its deliveries to retailers and consumers following a cyberattack on its third-party logistics partner, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has begun resuming some deliveries, per CP24—but with some caveats.

The details
– The provincial wholesaler is capping the number of products store operators can order to a maximum of 30 packs of product
– It is also expanding its delivery window in an effort to catch up with delays

“This will create even access to products for all stores and will avoid creating a larger backlog of orders that could delay us from getting product to stores as quickly as possible,” said a letter sent to retailers signed by OCS CEO David Lobo.


B.C. government lawsuit goes after illicit online cannabis sellers

A newly filed lawsuit states that the government of British Columbia wants eight real estate properties allegedly owned by the operators of three online illicit cannabis sellers forfeited, as well as cash held in 26 bank accounts, reports the Vancouver Sun.

“At no material time has any of the three companies been authorized by Health Canada or by the British Columbia Liquor Control and Cannabis Branch to produce, possess for the purpose of distribution, distribute, possess for the purpose of selling, sell, promote the sale of, and or supply cannabis products,” reads the statement of claim.

Ten individuals are named as defendants, and it’s alleged that others laundered money from the sales and returned it to the defendants. Three of the defendants are directors of companies that previously owned two Freshii restaurants and allegedly deposited some of the proceeds into corporate accounts.

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