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Kentucky legalizes medical cannabis in bipartisan vote after decade of failed attempts


Kentucky legalizes medical cannabis in bipartisan vote after decade of failed attempts

The state of Kentucky has legalized the use of medical cannabis on Friday after a decade of failed attempts in the state legislature, making it the 38th state in the U.S. to legalize for medical use, reports People.

Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear signed the bill into law, stating that he was thankful this progress has been made.

“I want to thank the many advocates who have fought hard for this day on behalf of their own health needs and others,” he stated.


Washington poised to prohibit pre-employment discrimination for cannabis use following house approval of senate bill

Marijuana Moment reports that both chambers of the Washington State legislature have now passed legislation to prevent employers from discriminating against job applicants for cannabis use.

The bill now returns to the Senate for a concurrence vote before proceeding to the desk of Gov. Jay Inslee (D) to potentially be signed into law.

The policy change would apply to job applicants only, not workers once they’re employed, and would:

  • Allow employers to still maintain drug-free workplaces or prohibit cannabis use specifically.
  • Not apply to the airline or aerospace industries.
  • Would not cover positions that require federal background investigations or security clearances.

Bill sponsor, Sen. Karen Keiser (D), stated: “It makes no sense to limit our state’s workforce by deterring qualified job applicants, especially at a time when the number of unfilled positions is at historic highs. This legislation opens doors for people who might otherwise not even put in an application — and that’s a win for workers and for employers.


Canadian cannabis companies failing under excessive regulations, taxes

After numerous bankruptcies of cannabis companies, the Department of Health said it would cut regulations as growers, wholesalers and retailers blame federal regulations and taxes for ruining the industry, reports the Western Standard.

Health Canada has stated that it is now seeking feedback on potential amendments to the Cannabis Regulations “for regulatory burden reduction while still addressing public health,” and that “there may be regulatory measures that could be made more efficient and streamlined.”

The country has, since 2020, seen 34 cannabis corporations become insolvent since 2020, with more to follow according Cannabis Council of Canada CEO George Smitherman, who stated that regulatory mandates, fees and taxes “make our industry largely unsustainable” despite legalization.”

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