Big News for Big Companies Edition

Big News for Big Companies

National Post story about how Tweed (now Canopy) was to receive hockey-bags filled with cannabis in 2014 and how those bags were nabbed by the RCMP. The story goes on to describe the RCMP’s response, including internal emails that showed significant concern for the seizure’s impact on Tweed’s stock price.

A detailed and long-researched story about the inner workings at Lift & Co. dropped on the eve of their biggest event of the year. The story in The Logic (a new strategic partner of the National Post) detailed shaky strategic direction and decision-making and as well as a hostile work environment and pay-equity issues.

We checked in with the Boss Ladies of Cannabis founder Rachel Colic to get her thoughts.

As Shoppers Drug Mart announced their cannabis guru is speaking at the World Cannabis Congress in a few weeks, Rexall made a cannabis play and announced that they will partner to make online cannabis education tools available (paywalled story…).

Apparently Alberta is dealing with a cannabis supply shortage more effectively than nearly anyone else… they are re-opening their retail cannabis licensing to 5 stores per week. BMO also chimed in to say that the end of the shortage may come sooner than expected.

And while Alberta looks to expand cannabis retail, another Tweed shop opened in Saskatchewan this weekend – but was met with protesters handing out free joints. Our kind of protest

Zenabis made an announcement this morning that they have received an industrial hemp license from Health Canada.

Not to be left out, Organigram (fresh off their NY-listing) announced a $140 million credit facility from BMO. We’ll be connecting with Organigram’s CEO Greg Engel on Friday as part of Sessions – powered by Ample Organics. Follow @bofc_canada to learn more.

Also not to be left out, Deepak Anand wrote for Business in Vancouver about how the rest of the world is looking at Canada’s legalization. Deepak will also be joining us for Sessions on Friday.

From the negative to the positive, the Toronto Star’s Joseph Hall writes, “…If cannabis is having any dire health effects, Canadian hospitals haven’t seen them…”

US News

Illinois voted to legalize – which is a very big deal.

The TSA in the US is giving a thumbs up to traveling with hemp-derived CBD. But how are they going to differentiate hemp-derived versus anything else? Marijuana Moment had the same question.

The TSA news is good for ice cream lovers, because Ben + Jerry’s is looking to produce a CBD-infused ice cream.

As they battle on nearly every privacy-related front, one front that Google won’t be battling is cannabis sales. They won’t allow cannabis sales apps onto their Android Play store.

More Canada

As the Canadian cannabis sector grows, it is pulling talent from an array of sectors. AdWeek takes a look.

Business of Cannabis was proud to be part of last week’s Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards program looking at the intersection (and future) of cannabis + beauty/fashion. Read more from The Growth Op.

It is no surprise that older folks like cannabis (who doesn’t) – in fact, it is the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis users. Business Insider takes a look. (Stay tuned for more information about our Green + Silver programming…)

For those that will be in Toronto for the Lift & Co. conference this week, on Friday evening, we can get you a discount for the coolest party put on by the Cannabis Beverage Producers Alliance at The Design Exchange. Use code: BUSINESSOFCANNABIS for 25 percent off tickets.

Finally, a sad note. Tireless cannabis advocate and inspiration to many, Tracy Curley died this weekend. Abi Roach at Hot Box Cafe will be hosting a celebration of her life tonight at 6 p.m.

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