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How dispensary break-ins may shape policy in DC

cannabis news about the rash of break-ins at cannabis retailers


A ‘wave’ of cannabis burglaries has caught the attention of Capitol Hill

A ‘cannabis crime wave’ which has resulted in numerous fatalities could motivate Capitol Hill to approve federal cannabis banking reform, per Politico.

The problem? Because cannabis is federally illegal, most companies are still dealing in cash—which attracts burglaries. In Washington State, for example, officials estimate there were more than 50 armed robberies of cannabis stores in just January and February of 2022.

“The time for congressional dithering on this issue needs to end, because people are dying,” Washington State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti said in an interview. “Robbers go where the cash is.”

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Former employee alleges California’s Jungle Boys is a boys’ club

Two workers at California cannabis cultivators filed a complaint alleging they were wrongly dismissed after they protested a ban on women working in grow rooms and employees not being permitted to get pregnant, among other issues, per Law360.

According to the lawsuits:

  • Donna Rivadeneyra and Mario De La Cruz say they were fired from working at four related companies: Toluca Lake Collective Inc., which operates Jungle Boys; Los Angeles Farmers Inc.; Elise Management Inc.; and Hezekiah Inc. 
  • They say the companies moved employees around to various companies throughout the day to avoid paying overtime
  • Rivadeneyra alleges she asked to work in the grow room at Jungle Boys and was told that per the name, only boys were allowed in it
  • She also says she was told not to get pregnant or she would be fired
  • Rivadeneyra and De La Cruz say they were fired after some employees were caught eating lunch and drinking alcohol, but because they weren’t drinking, they believe it was used to retaliate against their grievances

Attorney Arthur D. Hodge, who is representing the defendants, said the allegations are without merit. “Hiring is based on those expectations and the experience the employee brings to the team,” Hodge said. “Plaintiff’s grievances, arising from her inability to be transferred from a facility trimming department to cultivation department, were based on her lack of experience.”


Fire & Flower connects cannabis ordering to residential technology platform Zonetail

Canada-based retailer Fire & Flower is bringing cannabis delivery to users of Zonetail, a service used by residents of hotels and high-rises, through an exclusive agreement, according to a news release.

About the agreement

  • Approximately 110,000 households use Zonetail technology to access property management, amenities and services in their buildings via mobile devices
  • It also has a community marketplace. Through an age-gated section, residents will be able to order exclusively from Fire & Flower
  • Deliveries will be fulfilled by Pineapple Express, Fire & Flower’s recent delivery acquisition 

Deliveries will begin in the Greater Toronto Area in the coming weeks


Dr. Mike Barnes on what UK medical cannabis consumers still need

Ahead of Cannabis Europa London 2022, BusinessCann sat down with neurologist Dr. Mike Barnes, one of the founders of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, consultancy Maple Tree and the Cannabis Industry Council to find out what problems are still affecting patients in the UK.

Find out about how the Patients First Initiative aims to connect medical cannabis companies with patients who have led advocacy and often understand their medicine better than anyone else, and how ongoing supply chain and product quality issues still need to be addressed.

Read the full Q&A here.

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