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Just when you have given up hope on Major League Baseball because of sign stealing scandals (or steroid scandals) – this: MLB is OK with THC. They will treat it like alcohol – which is not to say that you’ll be able to get it at the stadium, but…

And from one extreme to the other: The Food Standards Agency in the UK is (maybe) taking CBD off shelves.

Remember all the doom and gloom about Cannabis New Brunswick not being able to make any money with their government-run cannabis retail operations? Well, think again. 

Things have taken a turn for the better, which is troubling news to the private retail folks who are mid-RFP to take over the operation. So much so, that if things don’t go well in negotiations, the government may keep running things

And things may be changing in Ontario too. 

Not only will the Province start approving 20 new retailers a month starting soon, a new consultation has the Province looking at cannabis lounges and cannabis use at events and concerts. Business of Cannabis chimed on this consultation on AM640 last week – as well as CP24

The obvious result of tight marketing regulations? Consumers cannot identify what brands they prefer or buy… 

Why haven’t we seen cannabis drinks? Because cans might suck the THC out of the product. (Lucky cans…)

From the “business is not good” file:

Gene Simmons’ favourite producer: Invictus filed for bankruptcy protection. 

AND, Harvest One is making some major changes to adjust to changing times. 

AND AND, Supreme is cutting staff

AND AND AND, the Aurora fall out continues to rattle things, with predictions of billion dollar losses.

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