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CiiTECH Set To Launch Medicinal Cannabis Range Provacan THC To Israel

CANNABIS Healthcare company CiiTECH makes its long awaited move into medicinal cannabis, announcing a significant deal with Cannassure to produce and market  the inaugural line of Provacan THC products to be sold as medical cannabis in Israel.

CiiTECH operates a portfolio of established consumer CBD brands with flagship brand Provacan widely known as one of the most highly regarded in the UK. With over quarter of a million users Provacan is renowned for excellent quality and consistency and this is exactly what Clifton Flack, CEO and founder of CiiTECH intends to bring to the troubled Israeli medical cannabis market.

“CiiTECH is unique in its approach to the CBD wellness and medicinal cannabis markets. We built an International reputation as a market leading CBD company by producing pharmacy trusted CBD oil tinctures and selling them as food supplements before making our move into THC. Our intention is to bring these International standards to the Israeli market,” says Flack. 

“As a UK company with strong roots in Israel, CiiTECH is well positioned to make it’s THC debut and there is no better place to do so than in Israel, the epicenter of global cannabis research.”

Cannassure is known for producing high grade medical cannabis in Israel with an advanced indoor-aeroponic growing system and state-of-the-art extraction . 

Ran Amir, Cannassure CEO  says ” The collaboration with CiiTECH, a leading company in the field of cannabis research and marketing and owner of the leading brand Provacan, is an important step in the field of cannabis oils for us, an area that enjoys significant growth among patients who do not want to consume inflorescence cannabis. We are confident that this collaboration will bring value for us, for CiiTECH and for cannabis patients in Israel, and we believe that it will help us conquer a more significant share of the cannabis oil market in Israel. “

Education Initiative

CiiTECH seeks out and collaborates with best of breed cannabis partners up and down the supply chain in multiple territories. This agreement is one more example of CiiTECH’s effective business strategy, dedication to quality assurance and speed of market entry the industry has come to expect from CiiTECH.  

CiiTECH, together with Cannassure, will use its knowledge of expertise to help reform, standardise and educate the Israeli medical cannabis market with the principles of quality, consistency and reliability. 

To do this CiiTECH are developing an optimal hybrid solution consisting of a superior quality product for the patients and a unique professional enrichment program to help doctors and pharmacists support the wellbeing of patients on an improved level.

In Israel approximately 80% of the 100,000 licensed medical cannabis users opt for smoking bags of weed instead of using tinctures. 

One of the biggest complaints in medicinal user groups is quality and consistency. CiiTECH will be working hard to show these users exactly why using tinctures is far superior to smoking weed. 

As part of this re-education, we will be providing comprehensive education courses to Provacan ambassadors and users so they can feel more confident and better supported while using CiiTECH products.

“As cannabis market experts and our involvement in the cannabis ecosystem in Israel, we understand the nature of the demand and the gaps in the Israeli market. Our new THC tincture will revolutionize the lives of many patients who are currently suffering from inconsistencies in the medical cannabis supply chain, and it will be made to the same strict UK & European guidelines as our current products.” concludes Flack.

The first Provacan THC oil will be available to Israeli patients in January 2022, with the educational program Q2 2022, followed soon after by Brazil and the UK.

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