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Cellular Goods white paper explores cannabinoids for skincare

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In its new white paper, UK-based Cellular Goods explores the benefits CBD and CBG can have as ‘powerhouse ingredients’ that provide a number of benefits for skincare applications.

In the white paper, the benefits of cannabinoids are summarised with the intent of providing consumers and formulators alike with an appreciation for the spectrum of advantages that CBG and CBD can confer to skincare applications.

Cellular Goods states the ‘5 A’s of Cannabinoid Skincare’ refer to cannabinoids’ ageing prevention, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-melanogenesis properties.

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A growing body of scientific evidence is revealing that CBD and, in particular CBG, are potent actives that can prevent the skin ageing effects of UV radiation; inhibit the irritating effects of inflammation that accelerate ageing in a process coined as “inflammaging”; protect skin from the

damaging effects of cellular oxidation and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS); stop the growth of blemish- causing bacteria; and through anti-melanogenesis brighten skin and promote even skin tone.

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Chief executive of Cellular Goods, Anna Chokina, said: “The benefits of cannabinoids for maintaining healthy skin are both far-reaching and undeniable and the release of today’s white paper shows Cellular’s commitment to delivering science-backed cannabinoid-powered products that can support healthier, youthful skin and elevate any robust skincare routine.

“The total addressable market for skincare products designed to support age-prevention and tackle blemishes and hyperpigmentation is substantial and Cellular Goods is proud to provide consumers with rejuvenating products that can address this array of skincare concerns.”

Head of product development and product research at Cellular Goods, Alexia Blake, said: “Many conventional active ingredients prevalent in the market across anti-aging, anti-blemish, antioxidant and hyperpigmentation products have unpleasant side-effects that prevent frequent use. 

“The body of research explored in this white paper provides compelling evidence of the benefits of CBG and CBD as safe, effective and well-tolerated ingredients that present the skincare solutions of the future.

“Emerging research into cannabinoids is continuing to unveil the multifaceted benefits of these fascinating ingredients, which dovetails with their well-established tolerability amongst consumers with sensitive skin unlike many common skincare ingredients, including retinoids, Vitamin C and exfoliating acids. 

“On this basis, cannabinoids present a new class of active ingredients that warrant a role in any skincare routine.”

To read about the benefits of CBD and CBG for skincare covered in the white paper, visit www.cannabishealth.co.uk.

The full white paper can be viewed here.

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