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Cellular Goods Launches Rejuvenating Cannabinoid Face Serum

Cellular Goods (LSE: CBX), a UK-based wellness company that provides premium consumer products formulated with lab-made cannabinoids, is pleased to announce the launch today of its Rejuvenating Cannabinoid Face Serum as part of its ‘Look Better’ (skincare) range.

Cellular Goods’ Cannabinoid Face Serum is the UK’s first cannabigerol (CBG)-powered serum, which works to prevent the signs of aging caused by UV-light exposure and inflammation. The product contains ultra-pure, biosynthetic CBG and its development has been informed by the findings of the Company’s recent white paper, which revealed that CBG has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, giving it immense potential for age-prevention skincare solutions.

The serum will allow the Company to meet demand for products that have demonstrated effectiveness in addressing the signs of aging without causing harmful side effects, such as irritation and photosensitivity, that industry standard active ingredients retinol and Vitamin C can produce.

Cellular Goods’ face serum has gone through an extensive testing process and is fully validated for marketing and labelling as suitable for sensitive skin, dermatologically tested and dermatologist approved.

The product, which has a retail price of £99, is available on the Amazon Marketplace and the Company’s ecommerce platform, found at www.cellular-goods.com.

The product uses lab-made CBG, does not require the cultivation of the cannabis sativa plant and contains 0% THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis sativa.

Anna Chokina, CEO of Cellular Goods, commented: “We are thrilled to be revolutionising the wellness industry with the launch of the UK’s first CBG-powered skincare serum. CBG has demonstrated antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that qualify it as an ingredient of the future with immense potential for skincare solutions designed to prevent the signs of aging.

“Developing science-backed products is at the heart of what we do, and this has enabled us to offer customers a skincare product that can deliver the same or better results as traditional age prevention products without the uncomfortable side effects associated with some popular active ingredients. As a sensitive skin consumer, I am excited about the prospect of giving more people access to the age preventing solutions of the future, such as our exclusive Rejuvenating Serum. We look forward to continuing to use science to develop truly innovative products that offer tangible benefits to our consumers. The launch of our serum strengthens Cellular’s existing product line-up and expands our consumer offering, which coupled with the visibility generated by our increased sales channels, will help drive sales.”

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