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CBD made in England is good for sustainability

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Cannabis Wealth speaks to Hayley Bromley and Tim Inskip, founders of CBPlus about how they started manufacturing in the UK and making zero-THC products.

Tim and Hayley met when they were working in PR and marketing before going on co-found CBPlus. Tim became aware of CBD when he was working in PR and promoting a client’s company. In seeing the success of his client’s brand, he became involved with the company before moving on to start his own.

Tim said: “I had a Czech client who had distribution rights over here and we were promoting it. We opened up one of the first cannabis shops in 2014. It was mainly a skincare brand but it did have a tincture. I saw it as the next wave from medical to cosmetic and the potential there was for it due to the amount of media attention it received.”

When it came time for Tim to move on to create his own brand, he immediately thought of Hayley who had a strong background in the drinks industry. 

He said: “We had worked together in the past and she was exactly what the company needed. A young, energetic, fit person. It was a natural fit for the company.”

Hayley Bromley profile from CBplus

Tim and Hayley became focused on creating a brand with a strong emphasis on being made in the UK. They were clear that it also had to be zero- Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as they both had strong views on it. They decided to position the company as an active, sports brand as they felt that was where the functionality of CBD really lay. 

CBPlus offers a range of six products including balms, tinctures, massage oils and a body wash. Unusually, the brand also formulated a CBD sun lotion which is one of very few on the market. Given the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, this addition makes complete sense.

Hayley explains that the products that were chosen, combine to make a perfect kit bag for athletes or those with a busy lifestyle. 

Hayley said: “I run and cycle as well. I’m always really annoyed with things that are on your face that cause irritation with sweat. Tim and I looked at the issues that develop when you are out on an adventure. We worked with retail groups to get feedback on topical products for people with rosacea, eczema or sensitive skin.”

She added: “I looked at cycling straps because they can rub and create a rash which becomes irritated when you sweat. Some people don’t have sunscreen so what’s beautiful about the different products in the range is that it supports active lifestyles but transcends across to normal life too. 

That’s why Tim and I are partners. It works well because Tim isn’t off doing marathons every weekend but he has an outdoor life. Each one of our products solves him, the same way they do for me.”


CBD and CBPlus marketing

One of the most frustrating things for Hayley was moving from the drinks industry where advertising was easy to the cannabis market where it can be impossible.

She said: “Marketing is very difficult because, in all of the challenges we faced in a lockdown world, one place to advertise is social media. Both Tim and I, our background was in the drinks industry so we had experience in getting brands to market and communicating with consumers.

“Then you come into a world of CBD where you can’t use all the traditional tools that you would at a time when that is really your only avenue to reach people.”

Tim is in agreement with Hayley but also added that the lack of personal contact during Covid has been especially tough where CBD education is concerned.

“One of our strategies was to give people information at our events but that obviously just didn’t happen. If you look at our marketing plan, it was all about being in touch with people making personal contact for the first two years. It just has been able to happen so we have had to adjust,” he commented.

Hayley and Tim are both proud of their dedication to producing as much as possible in the UK. But with the regulations and laws not on the side of cannabis cultivation for brands in England, how much is actually made here?

Tim said: “Essentially it’s manufactured in the UK so we get as many of our ingredients here. We source everything we can in the UK but our CBD comes from Wisconsin in the US.”

Hayley added: “A big part of the reason why manufacturing in the UK is important is because of sustainability as well. All of our packaging comes from the UK so we can work on our carbon footprint and sustainability. We also want to do as much as we can to support our own economy.”

Tim Inskip: CBPlus

Zero-THC CBPlus products

Tim and Hayley are also focused on their decision to have THC-free products. Tim highlighted that it’s time to start focusing on the cannabinoids that can be legally added to products.

Tim said: “The obsession with THC that people have and the trade associations have is killing us. We don’t want it so it’s completely pointless. They are arguing with the government about how much THC should be allowed to go into the products. Let’s forget about it and move on to talk about the other cannabinoids.

It comes from the recreational background where there was a belief that the whole plant was great and that it has a magical effect if you take all the ingredients. They aren’t going to win against the government and it’s doing us damage as people who want to create a product that is beneficial and safe.”

Now that restrictions are lifting and events are starting to return, the team intend to visit festivals and events to host pop up stalls. They are also partnering with the charity,  Get Fit for Mental Wellness to donate a portion of their sales.

“We have a full calendar ahead including events for swimming, running, cycling and a few festivals. We are heading to the National Cycling Show where we are hosting a recovery zone. A big part of our brand direction is the protection of skin but also the recovery side. CBD may help with sore muscles and relieve pain while allowing the body to recover.”

Hayley added: “We have also partnered with a charity to get fit for mental wellness which is a big moment for us. The charity was spot on because their core values aligned with us in terms of that association between physical and mental wellness. We will be donating 5 per cent of our sales to the charity which will help them to grow.”

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