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Cannabotech sees 24 products included on FSA CBD list

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Cannabotech has confirmed that its oral products have been approved by the FSA following the UK’s move to tighten regulation around the sale of ingestible CBD products.

Israeli-based Cannabotech has had 24 of its products included on the FSA’s public list. 

Cannabotech has chosen the UK as a strategic target market for launching its “Prevention Concept” as the UK is the world’s most advanced country regarding the regulation of CBD consumables, now defined as Novel Food by law. 

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The company has developed a unique application called MyBeing that customises treatment to the patient’s condition following a diagnosis-by-selfie, providing various body metrics of the subject and a recommendation for the use of the company’s various products, including nutritional supplements and dermatological CBD products. The unique technology is embedded in the company’s flagship stores.

Cannabotech’s CEO, Elchanan Shaked, said: “After 15 months of intensive work vs. the FSA, we are proud to be on the Novel Food list in the UK. 

“This is a milestone for Cannabotech, which brings us significantly closer to receiving final approval and promotion of the brand in the UK market. 

“The CBD market in the UK is the largest and most progressive in Europe, and we strive to take a significant part in it through our unique concept.”

Cannabotech products have also been submitted for registration as Novel Food at EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority). The European regulator is expected to publish a list of approved products for marketing by the end of 2022, including the approval of CBD-containing nutritional supplements for sale throughout the EU.

Regulators in Israel has emphasised that it would like to receive additional data on the safety of CBD products before approving them for marketing in the country in the future. The company expects that once its products receive the final approval and definition as Novel Food in the UK, it will be able to submit the safety files for its products to the Israeli regulator as well.

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