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Cannabis, COVID and a very high flyer


Can cannabis prevent COVID-19?

Peer-reviewed research published in the Journal of Natural Products has identified three cannabis compounds that can effectively block SARS-COV-2 from entering healthy human cells, writes VICE.

How it works

According to study author Dr. Richard van Breeman, cannabidiolic acid (CBD-A), cannabigerolic acid (CBG-A), and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THC-A) bind to the spiky virus protein and prevent infection. 

Does this mean smoking weed can prevent COVID infection?

Not exactly. For one, the compounds are derived from hemp. But van Breeman said an oral supplement combining all three compounds such as a gummy or capsule could be helpful. “We all know that if we get exposed, we go to meet a friend and the friend tells us later they’ve tested positive for COVID,” he told VICE. “Then, we’re all worried about getting sick. That’s the time I would recommend taking a supplement that has the capability of preventing infection.” 

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Don’t lose hope for federal banking reform in 2022

Federal cannabis reform isn’t likely in 2022, but incremental reform is in play this year, writes MJBizDaily

What’s in the works

  • The not-yet-introduced Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, which could be updated after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer solicited feedback last fall, would need 60 votes—requiring support from at least 10 Republicans 
  • Conversely, SAFE Banking could get to Biden’s desk this year, because it has bipartisan support
  • Neither the social justice-focused MORE Act and the business-friendly States Reform Act are not likely to be passed by the Senate

The takeaway

There is “a general sense among marijuana industry officials that the conversation has evolved from whether to legalize marijuana to how to legalize the plant,” writes MJBizDaily.


This B.C. airport could be the first to have a cannabis store

The small Prince George, British Columbia airport (YXS) could soon be the first to have a cannabis store, reports CTV. So long as they get their business licence, the founders of Copilot — who will be on BofC Live next week — will be “pioneering cannabis for travel,” they say.

Travel rules

  • Travellers cannot bring cannabis over national borders
  • Domestic travellers in Canada of legal age can bring up to 30 grams of cannabis in their carry-on baggage

“We see YXS as the perfect location to launch our initial store and fulfill our mission of making travel a less stressful and more enjoyable experience for our customers,” said co-founders Reed Horton and Owen Ritz in a statement.


Ireland’s cannabis industry advocates for clarity on laws

The Irish High Court will hear several cases on Jan. 18 as part of the judicial review of drugs laws and how they’re interpreted, reports BusinessCann. In addition, the Hemp Federation of Ireland has asked for “a coherent regulatory framework across the entire industry value chain which will allow the indigenous industry to function again.”

After being raided by police and now facing criminal charges, two CBD businesses argue that the charges against them are “unconstitutional, an infringement on their property and livelihoods and a contravention of EU law.”

The takeaway

“The aim of this action is to achieve clarity and harmony with the European Court of Justice,” said JP O’Brien, who runs the Little Collins CBD Dispensary, which was raided by police. “CBD is legal. It is not a narcotic which means businesses like ourselves are able to import it into Ireland from another EU country – in our case mainly Italy – and market whole plant CBD and its extracts.”

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