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Cannabis Business Operations in Alexandria Could be Halted for 18 Months

Alexandria, Virginia has preliminarily approved a moratorium on cannabis operations for 18 months until 1 January, 2025 while it hashes out regulations.

While the city legalised adult use cannabis on July 1, 2021, allowing people ages 21 and over to possess and use up to 28.3 grams as well as grow up to four plants, it is still illegal to buy and sell cannabis, including seeds.

A recent city council meeting on July 10 discussed the regulation of cannabis, declaring publica cannbis smoking a public nuisance, banning its uses in public places.

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The moratorium – which will still need a final approval – according to City Attorney Tom Jacobson follows the introduction of a new law that sets out definitions of cannabis businesses.

The Echo Press reports that Jacobson told the council in a memo that cannabis-related activities defined in the law “would be temporarily prohibited while the moratorium is in place.”

According to the publication, there is no mention of sales being banned under the moratorium, but the the city would be able to “prohibit the operation of a cannabis business”.

The moratorium saw a number of oppositions from business owners who shared dismay, noting that smaller businesses would now be at a disadvantage.

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