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Calls for More Industry Transparency as Medical Cannabis Producer Reveals High Yield

Leading UK medical cannabis producer Dalgety has, for the first time, revealed its impressive yield while calling for more industry transparency across the UK market.

Just 18 months since being granted a Home Office licence, and a year since cultivation began at the Midlands-based operation, Dalgety’s yield is estimated to be in the top 1% in the world.

With a crop cycle of around 80 days, Dalgety has committed to avoiding pesticides and hand trims every flower with precision and care, with an ambition to exceed industry standards and provide the highest quality medical cannabis. In addition, the business advocates knowledge sharing to inspire change within the industry.

Brady Green, head grower at Dalgety said: “We are extremely proud of the high yield we have achieved at Dalgety especially so early on in our production, and it exemplifies the level of control within our advanced facility and the potential to expand. While it is hard to say for certain, through our research and calculations* of the industry information available, we place our yield in the top 1% worldwide.

“Yield comparisons of medical cannabis are very opaque and often misrepresented. This is due to varying cultivation techniques; outdoor, open-glasshouse, semi-closed glasshouse and indoor. There is also a tendency for ‘bragging’, which makes it difficult to compare yields. Indoor cultivation generally has higher finalised product yields, due to more tightly controlled climate controls.

“As well as having the right environment, it’s also about the understanding and experience within our team that has produced these results. Having spent almost two decades in the medical cannabis industry, working with a range of producers from small firms to consultation across different countries, I have been able to bring all that knowledge together here at Dalgety.

“The team has now grown to 15 members including six highly trained growers and our sights are set on reaching the next major milestones – achieving a licence to supply, enhancing the growing facility and diversifying the business.”

Dalgety measures its product against other indoor cultivators. However, as there is little transparency within the industry, the firm has compared its yield per square foot during the most recent harvests to an online study.

James Leavesley, chief executive at Dalgety explained why openness is the key to success for the rapidly growing UK market. He said: “Since gaining our Home Office licence, Dalgety has made incredible progress as a business, and we have seen firsthand the momentum taking place across the UK medical cannabis industry.

“One thing we are passionate about as a business is helping to raise more awareness, and part of this is about sharing industry knowledge and being more transparent. Not only will this enable the market to progress, but it will also increase understanding and confidence in the UK medical cannabis market, helping it to become a world leader.

“As patient demand continues to rise, and more discussions are taking place in government around accessibility, it only highlights the need for more openness and collaboration. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products in the UK, through our expert team and supportive external partners and welcome the insight of other manufacturers too.”

Dalgety has also recently launched a fresh round of investment, with plans to further advance its operations. The producer is seeking £6 million to help reach the next milestones, which includes increasing the number of cultivation rooms in the existing facility to deliver five times the annual volume of product and subsequent revenue.

There is space within the existing licensed area to expand the facility by 40 times, so Dalgety can continue to meet the rising market demand throughout Europe in the coming years.

In October 2023, a supplier contract with one of the UK’s largest distributors of prescribed cannabis medicines, Grow Pharma, was confirmed providing Dalgety, with access to their medical cannabis distribution network throughout Europe.

James added: “We are keen to speak to anyone who is looking for a unique and interesting investment opportunity to join us on this journey to becoming a market leader and improving the lives of patients who currently lack access to medical cannabis. This is a fast-moving industry that has already grown substantially, and we would need someone who is confident and comfortable in those conditions. If you are interested in setting up a call, we would be happy to go through more of our plans and the potential for growth.”

For further information visit www.DalgetyUK.co.uk or email info@DalgetyUK.co.uk.

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