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Bloomwell Group Unites Brands and Operations to Form Germany’s Largest Digital Platform for Medical Cannabis

Award-winning Frankfurt-based company Bloomwell Group GmbH (“Bloomwell Group”) today announced the launch of Germany’s largest centralised digital platform for medical cannabis with regards to participating users, creating a one-stop shop for patients, physicians, pharmacies and suppliers all under the Bloomwell brand name.

“We’re excited to spearhead the transformation of Germany’s medical cannabis industry, which had been fragmented and limited by a lack of digital services,” said Niklas Kouparanis, CEO and Co-Founder, Bloomwell Group.

“The Bloomwell platform is a game-changer, both for scaling and expanding access to medical cannabis in Germany, and for the healthcare system as a whole.”

Bloomwell Group had been operating the pioneering subsidiary brands Grüne Brise, the first and largest marketplace for cannabis pharmacies, and Algea Care, Europe’s largest cannabis telemedicine platform, and is now uniting and further developing these operations. By combining these well-respected businesses with a doctors-operated system enabling the scaling of treatment and a data-backed pharmaceutical logistics system that connects with leading wholesalers, Bloomwell now serves as the centralized digital infrastructure for medical cannabis distribution, therapy and dispensing, including speedy delivery services that are the first of its kind in Germany and bring prescriptions to patients’ homes within 24 hours.

This integration, which includes a user-friendly app, not only provides full access to the medical cannabis journey all in one place, but also fosters more transparency, reliability, and effectiveness in patient care.

This top-of-funnel strategic positioning comes at a pivotal time in Germany, as the number of medical cannabis patients has been rapidly increasing since the country’s landmark CanG law went into effect on April 1, 2024. This law, which reclassifies cannabis as a non-narcotic and enables doctors to prescribe the plant as they would any Rx medication, has significantly impacted Bloomwell Group’s operations. Following the reclassification of medical cannabis, Bloomwell Group experienced a 1,000 percent increase in monthly new patients in April 2024, compared with the average number of new patients during each of the previous 12 months.

“We want to ease any burdens for medical cannabis patients and remove bottlenecks faced by doctors and pharmacies,” said Kouparanis.

“Our platform is designed to minimise administrative tasks for physicians, and through our central IT infrastructure, we are enabling an increasing number of pharmacies to effectively supply patients with medical cannabis, with fewer logistical and administrative hurdles. For patients, we are making treatment with medical cannabis a more seamless process than ever before with an app, as well as with completely digitized e-prescriptions. Bloomwell Group can now be considered a centralized hub for all those who want to make medical cannabis treatment as effective, simple and reliable as possible. This digital and scalable platform will shape the future of medical cannabis in Germany, as well as throughout Europe.”

Bloomwell’s newly centralised digital infrastructure for medical cannabis is designed to help ensure seamless operations and accessibility for all stakeholders while optimising the patient experience. Wholesalers, in particular, have the opportunity to benefit by engaging with the platform’s data-based forecasts, by digitising their processes in accordance with data protection regulations and by utilising the automatic reordering systems employed by pharmacies.

“The progressive new regulations that went into effect under CanG have significantly simplified the process for prescribing medical cannabis. We want to make the most of these forward-thinking developments with the Bloomwell platform,” added Kouparanis. “Patients can now receive their cannabis medicine from pharmacies of their choice within 24 hours after they have started their treatment.”

Even before Germany’s landmark CanG bill passed, Bloomwell Group implemented a solution for verifying e-prescriptions through a partnership with D-Trust, a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group. This partnership helps ensure the secure and reliable verification of e-prescriptions, protecting patient data and ensuring the integrity of the medical cannabis prescription process.

Thanks to this partnership’s seamlessly scalable solution, the platform will be able to accommodate up to 100,000 patients per month by the end of 2024. This coincides with projections (based on patient numbers reported in medical-only United States markets) that Germany will have up to 5 million cannabis patients in the future.

The Bloomwell platform empowers all stakeholders to work together efficiently and digitally, enabling the medical cannabis market to scale.

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