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5 Months In – An Open Letter To Friends of Business of Cannabis

Friends of Business of Cannabis, The cannabis sector is moving so quickly that time is flying. Entire verticals develop overnight – and may fade away just as quickly. As we turn the calendar into May, it’s amazing to the team at Business of Cannabis that we are only 5 months out from our launch event at Dentons in late November. And what a 5 months is has been! What started out as a way to connect, cover and provide context to the Canadian cannabis sector has turned into an increasingly vital part of the industry; we have met long-time industry leaders and start-up founders, cultivators and technologists and thoughtful people from every corner of Canada – and, the world. And we’re just getting started. As you’ll see in the coming days, we have been building toward four major projects; 

Our First Publication 

In early May, we will launch our first issue of Papers – a publication that will be A Rolling Guide to the Business of Cannabis. Each issue of Papers will focus on a slice of the sector – the first being a focus on Licensed Producers. We aim to tell untold stories coupled with compelling insights into where LPs are today – and where they are headed tomorrow. 

Medical Cannabis Week

From May 22-24 we are proud to be launching the inaugural Medical Cannabis Week. Made possible through generous and engaged sponsors and partners, we hope to drive a conversation about the patients, practitioners, policies and innovations that will take medical cannabis forward. 

Workplace Trainings

In late May, with the help of thoughtful partners, we will start a series of workplace training sessions with the membership of Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA). Earlier in the year, in partnership with HRPA, we surveyed Ontario HR professionals and identified a knowledge gap about cannabis and what it means for workplaces. This is our effort to fill that gap. 

Global Cannabis Partnership

We’re also proud to be the Business Media Partners for the Global Cannabis Partnership that is working to create international standards for the safe and responsible production, distribution and consumption of legal recreational cannabis. Stay tuned for more news and updates on the work underway. So, five months in, we are incredibly busy – but also incredibly inspired by the people and companies leading the way in Canada, and indeed the world, in this industry. We invite you to join our journey because, ultimately, it is your journey too.   Reva Seth Blaine Pearson Jay Rosenthal

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